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35 publication entries, 25 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.
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Faugeras, O. and MacLaurin, J.
Asymptotic Description of Neural Networks with Correlated Synaptic WeightsEntropy (2015) 17(7): 4701-4743
Bakker et al. 2015Bakker, R., Tiesinga, P. and Kötter, R.The Scalable Brain Atlas: Instant Web-Based Acces to Public Brain Atlases and Related ContentNeuroinformatics February (2015) 13(3):353-366
abstract, fulltext
Bopp et al. 2014Bopp, R., Maçarico da Costa, N., Kampa, B.M., Martin, K.A. and Roth M.M.Pyramidal cells make specific connections onto smooth (GABAergic) neurons in mouse visual cortexPLoS Biol. (2014) 12(8):e1001932
abstract, fulltext
Dagnino et al. 2015Dagnino, B., Gariel-Mathis, M.-A. and Roelfsema, P. R. Microstimulation of area V4 has little effect on spatial attention and on the perception of phosphenes evoked in area V1Journal of Neurophysiology (2015) 113(3): 730-739
Faugeras and Inglis 2015Faugeras, O. and Inglis, J. Stochastic neural field equations: a rigorous footingJournal of Mathematical Biology (2015) 71(2): 259-300
Glabskaet al 2015Glabska, H., Norheim, E., Devor, A., Dale, A.M., Einevoll, G.T. and Wójcik, D.K. Generalized Laminar Population Analysis (gLPA) for interpretation of multielectrode data from cortexin press
Hagen et al. 2015bHagen, E., Ness, T.V., Khosrowshahi, A., Sørensen, C., Fyhn, M., Hafting, T., Franke, F. and Einevoll, GT.ViSAPy: A Python tool for biophysics-based generation of virtual spiking activity for evaluation of spike-sorting algorithmsJournal of Neuroscience Methods (2015) 245: 182-204
abstract, fulltext
Hansen et al. 2015Hansen, E.C.A, Battaglia, D., Spiegler, A., Deco, G. and Jirsa, V.K.Functional connectivity dynamics: Modeling the switching behavior of the resting stateNeuroImage (2015) 105: 525-535
Milekovic et al. 2015Milekovic, T., Truccolo, W., Grün, S., Riehle, A. and Brochier, T.Local field potentials in primate motor cortex encode grasp kinetic parametersNeuroimage (2015) 114: 338-355
Muir and Kampa 2015Muir, D.R. and Kampa, B.M. FocusStack and StimServer: a new open source MATLAB toolchain for visual stimulation and analysis of two-photon calcium neuronal imaging dataFront Neuroinform. (2015) 8:85.
Perrinet and Bednar 2015Perrinet, L.U., Bednar, J.A.Edge co-occurrences can account for rapid categorization of natural versus animal imagesScientific Reports (2015) 5: 11400
Probst et al. 2015Probst, D., Petrovici, M. A., Bytschok, I., Bill, J., Pecevski, D., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. Probabilistic inference in discrete spaces can be implemented into networks of LIF neuronsFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2015) 9:13
Reig et al. 2015Reig, R., Zerlaut, Y., Vergara, R., Destexhe, A. and Sanchez-Vives, M.Gain modulation of synaptic inputs by network state in auditory cortex in vivoJournal of Neuroscience (2015) 35: 2689-2702
Rombouts et al. 2015Rombouts, J.O., Bohte, S.M. and Roelfsema, P.R.How Attention Can Create Synaptic Tags for the Learning of Working Memories in Sequential TasksPLoS Comput Biol (2015) 11(3): e1004060
Rombouts et al. 2015bRombouts, J. O., Bohte, S. M., Martinez-Trujillo, J. and Roelfsema, P. R. A learning rule that explains how rewards teach attentionVisual Cognition (2015) 33:179-205
Taouali et al. 2015Taouali, W., Benvenuti, G., Wallisch, P., Chavane, F. and Perrinet, L. U. Testing the Odds of Inherent versus Observed Over-dispersion in Neural Spike CountsJournal of Neurophysiology (2015)
Tauste Campo et al. 2015Tauste Campo, A., Martinez-Garcia, M., Nacher, V., Luna, R., Romo, R. and Deco, G.Task-driven intra- and interarea communications in primate cerebral cortexProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2015) 112(15):4761-4766
van Albada et al. 2015van Albada, S.J., Helias, M. and Diesmann, M.Scalability of Asynchronous Networks Is Limited by One-to-One Mapping between Effective Connectivity and CorrelationsPLoS Comput Biol (2015) 11(9): e1004490
Zenke et al. 2015Zenke, F., Agnes, E.J. and Gerstner, W.Diverse synaptic plasticity mechanisms orchestrated to form and retrieve memories in spiking neural networksNature Communications (2015) 6: 6922
Ziegler et al. 2015Ziegler, L., Zenke, F., Kastner, D.B. and Gerstner, W.Synaptic Consolidation: From Synapses to Behavioral ModelingThe Journal of Neuroscience (2015) 35(3): 1319-1334
abstract, fulltext

Conference contribution: talk

Bahuguna2015Bahuguna, J.Functional classification of homologous networks in basal-ganglia: a modeling study2nd International Symposium of the Clinical Research Group 219, Cologne, Germany, 02/26/2015 - 02/28/2015
Grün 2015Grün, S.Towards Reproducible Analysis of Complex Electrophysiological ExperimentsCommunity Session 'Reproducilibity in the neurosciences'. Univ Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany. March 19, 2015

Conference contribution: poster

Bachmannet al 2015Bachmann, C. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Kunkel, S. ; Morrison, A.
Effect of Alzheimer disease on the dynamical and computational characteristics of recurrent neural networks11th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen, Germany, 03/18/2015 - 03/28/2015
Canova et al. 2015Canova, C;, Torre, E, Denker, M, Helias, M, Gerstein, G and Grün, S.Statistical assessment and neuronal composition of active synfire chainsPoster presentation at German Neuroscience Society Meeting (NWG 2015). Göttingen, Germany. Mar. 21, 2015
Denker et al. 2015Denker, M., Yegenoglu, A., Holstein, D., Torre, E., Jennings, T., Davison, A. and Grün, S.elephant: An open-source tool for the analysis of electrophysiological dataProceedings of the 11th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Neuroforum (2015) T27-2B
Faraji et al. 2015wrong entry, please deletewrong entry, please deletewrong entry, please delete
Hagen et al. 2015Hagen, E., Dahmen, D., Stavrinou, M.L., Linden, H., Tetzlaff, T., van Albada, S., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Einevoll, G.T. Hybrid scheme for modeling local field potentials from point-neuron networks11th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen, Germany, 03/18/2015 - 03/21/2015
Jordanet al 2015Jordan, J. ; Pfeil, T. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Grübl, A. ; Schemmel, J. ; Diesmann, M. ; Meier, K. The effect of heterogeneity on decorrelation mechanisms in spiking neural networks: a neuromorphic-hardware study11th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen, Germany, 03/18/2015 - 03/21/2015
Setareh et al. 2015Setareh Hesam, Deger Moritz, Gerstner WulframSynaptic efficacy tunes speed of activity propagation through chains of bistable neural assembliesCOSYNE 2015, Salt Lake City, March 5-10, 2015 fulltext
Tetzlaff et al. 2015Tetzlaff, T., Hagen, E., Dahmen, D., Stavrinou, M.L., Linden, H., van Albada, S., Grün, S., Diesmann, M. and Einevoll, G.T.
Hybrid scheme for modeling local field potentials from point-neuron networks2nd International Symposium of the Clinical Research Group 219, Cologne, Germany, 02/26/2015 - 02/28/2015
Zehl et al. 2015Zehl, L., Denker, M., Stoewer, A., Jaillet, F., Brochier, T., Riehle, A., Wachtler, T. and Grün, S.How to efficiently organize and exploit metadata metadata of complex electrophysiological experimentsProceedings of the 11th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Neuroforum (2015) T27-1C
Zenke et al. 2015bZenke F., Agnes E., Gerstner W.Hebbian and non-Hebbian plasticity orchestrated to form and retrieve memories in spiking networksCOSYNE 2015, Salt Lake City fulltext

PhD Thesis

Brigham 2015Brigham, M.Non-Stationary Stochastic Dynamics of Neuronal MembranesPhD thesis (2015)

Bachelor Thesis

Friedrich 2015Friedrich, A.Charakterisierung von Adaption auf neuromorpher HardwareBachelor thesis at University of Heidelberg (2015) abstract, fulltext
Stöckel 2015Stöckel, D.Boltzmann Sampling with Neuromorphic HardwareBachelor thesis at University of Heidelberg (2015) abstract


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