BrainScaleS Media

  • The BrainScaleS Objectives: Flyer.pdf from February 2011

Press release

22 December 2010: Press release on the university Heidelberg website Brain-Inspired Computer Architectures

Other, related material

from the FACETS project

The BrainScaleS project builds on results achieved in the FACETS project, which ended 31 August 2010.

  • The FACETS Live System: A downloadable live system (based on Ubuntu) to experiment with the PyNN langage with the NEST and NEURON simulation packages. (January 2011)

The media section of FACETS contains (among other items):

  • a movie showing the FACETS demonstrator. This demonstrator is a software model of the currently implemented stage II FACETS hardware system with the surrounding software which is necessary to load networks onto the hardware and record data back.