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Antolik and Davison 2013Antolik, J. and Davison, A.P.Integrated workflows for spiking neuronal network simulationsFront. Neuroinform. (2013) 7:34
Arduin et al. 2013Arduin, P.-J., Fregnac, Y., Shulz, D. E. and Ego-Stengel, V. "Master" Neurons Induced by Operant Conditioning in Rat Motor Cortex during a Brain-Machine Interface TaskThe Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(19): 8308-8320
Bakker et al. 2012Bakker, R., Wachtler, T. and Diesmann, M.CoCoMac 2.0 and the future of tract-tracing databasesFront Neuroinform. (2012) 6: 30.
Baudot et al. 2013Baudot, P., Levy, M., Marre, O., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Animation of natural scene by virtual eye-movements evokes high precision and low noise in V1 neuronsFront. Neural Circuits (2013) 7:206
Bedard and Destexhe 2013Bedard, C. and Destexhe, A. Generalized cable theory for neurons in complex and heterogeneous mediaPHYSICAL REVIEW E (2013) 88: 022709
abstract, fulltext
Behuret et al. 2013Behuret, S., Deleuze, C., Gomez, L., Fregnac, Y. and Bal, T. Cortically-Controlled Population Stochastic Facilitation as a Plausible Substrate for Guiding Sensory Transfer across the Thalamic GatewayPLoS Comput Biol (2013) 9(12): e1003401
Bogadhi et al. 2013Bogadhi, A., Montagnini, A. and Masson, G.S.Dynamical interaction between retinal and extra-retinal signals in motion integration for smooth pursuitJournal of Vision (2013) 13(13): 5
Budd and Kisvarday 2013Budd, J. and Kisvarday, Z. How do you wire a brain?Front. Neuroanat. (2013) 7:14
Cessac and Cofre 2013Cessac, B. and Cofre, R.Spike train statistics and Gibbs distributionsJournal of Physiology-Paris (2013) 107(5): 360-368
Cofré and Cessac 2012Cofré, R. and Cessac, B.Dynamics and spike trains statistics in conductance-based Integrate-and-Fire neural networks with chemical and electric synapsesChaos, Solitons & Fractals (2013) 50: 13-31
Deco et al. 2013Deco,G., Ponce-Alvarez, A., Mantini, D., Romani, G.L., Hagmann, P. and Corbetta, M.Resting-state functional connectivity emerges from structurally and dynamically shaped slow linear fluctuationsJ. Neurosci. (2013) 33: 11239-11252
abstract, (fulltext)
DeFelipe et al. 2013DeFelipe, J., Lopez-Cruz, P.L., Benavides-Piccione, R., Bielza, C., Larranaga, P., Anderson, S., Burkhalter, A., Cauli, B., Fairen, A., Feldmeyer, D., Fishell, G., Fitzpatrick, D., Freund, T.F., Gonzalez-Burgos, G., Hestrin, S., Hill, S., Hof, P.R., Huang, J., Jones, E.G., Kawaguchi, Y., Kisvarday, Z., Kubota, Y., Lewis, D.A., Marin, O., Markram, H., McBain, C.J., Meyer, H.S., Monyer, H., Nelson, S.B., Rockland, K., Rossier, J., Rubenstein, J.L.R., Rudy, B., Scanziani, M., Shepherd, G.M., Sherwood, C.C., Staiger, J.F., Tamas, G., Thomson, A., Wang, Y., Yuste, R. and Ascoli, G.A.New insights into the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneuronsNature Reviews Neuroscience (2013) 14: 202-216
Devor et al. 2013Devor, A., Bandettini, P., Boas, D., Bower, J., Buxton, R., Cohen, L., Dale, A., Einevoll, G., Fox, P., Franceschini, M., Friston, K., Fujimoto, J., Geyer, M., Greenberg, J., Halgren, E., Hamalainen, M., Helmchen, F., Hyman, B., Jasanoff, A., Jernigan, T., Judd, L., Kim, S.-G., Kleinfeld, D., Kopell, N., Kutas, M., Kwong, K., Larkum, M., Lo, E., Magistretti, P., Mandeville, J., Masliah, E., Mitra, P., Mobley, W., Moskowitz, M., Nimmerjahn, A., Reynolds, J., Rosen, B., Salzberg, B., Schaffer, C., Silva, G., So, P., Spitzer, N., Tootell, R., Essen, D. V., Vanduffel, W., Vinogradov, S., Wald, L., Wang, L., Weber, B. and Yodh, A. The challenge of connecting the dots in the B.R.A.I.N.Neuron (2013) 80: 270-274
Ehrlich and Schüffny 2013Ehrlich, M., Schüffny, R.Neural Schematics as a unified formal graphical representation of large-scale Neural Network StructuresFrontiers in Neuroinformatics (2013) 7:22
Faye and Chossat 2013Faye, G. and Chossat, P.A spatialized model of textures perception using structure tensor formalismAIMS Journal on Networks and Heterogeneous Media (2013) 8(1): 211-260
abstract, (fulltext)
Faye et al. 2013Faye, G., Rankin, J. and Lloyd, D. J. B.Localized radial bumps of a neural field equation on the Euclidean plane and the Poincaré diskNonlinearity (2013) : 26
abstract, BibTeX
Gerhard et al 2013Felipe Gerhard, Tilman Kispersky, Gabrielle J. Gutierrez, Eve Marder, Mark Kramer,
Uri Eden
Successful Reconstruction of a Physiological Circuit with Known Connectivity from Spiking Activity AlonePlos Computational Biology (2013) 9(7): 003138
Grytskyy et al. 2013bGrytskyy, D., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M. and Helias, M.A unified view on weakly correlated recurrent networksFrontiers in computational neuroscience (2013) 7(131): 1-19
Habenschuss et al. 2013Habenschuss, S., Puhr, H. and Maass, W. Emergence of Optimal Decoding of Population Codes Through STDPNeural Computation (2013) 25(6): 1371-1407
abstract, fulltext
Habenschuss et al. 2013aStefan Habenschuss, Zeno Jonke, and Wolfgang MaassStochastic Computations in Cortical Microcircuit ModelsPLOS Computational Biology (2013) 9(11): e1003311
Halnes et al. 2013G. Halnes, I. Ostby, K.H. Pettersen, S.W. Omholt, and G.T. EinevollElectrodiffusive model for astrocytic and neuronal ion concentration dynamicsPLoS Computational Biology (2013) 9:e1003386
abstract, fulltext
Heiberg et al 2013Thomas Heiberg, Birgit Kriener, Tom Tetzlaff, Alex Casti, Gaute T. Einevoll, Hans E. PlesserFiring-rate models capture essential response dynamics of LGN relay cellsJ Comput Neurosci (2013) 35:359-375
Helias et al. 2013Helias, M., Tetzlaff, T., and Diesmann, M.Echoes in correlated neural systems New J. Phys. (2013) 15: 023002
Herman et al. 2013Herman P, Lundqvist M, Lansner ANested theta-gamma Oscillations in a simulated meso-scale memory networkBrain Res (2013) 1536:68-87
Kaplan et al. 2013Kaplan, B.A., Lansner, A., Masson, G.S. and Perrinet, L.U. Anisotropic connectivity implements motion-based prediction in a spiking neural network Front. Comput. Neurosci. (2013) 7:112
Kerr et al.Kerr, C.C., van Albada, S., Neymotin, S.A., Chadderdon, G.L., Robinson, P.A., and Lytton, W.W.Cortical information flow in Parkinson's disease: a composite network/field modelFront Comput Neurosci. (2013) 7:39
Khoei et al. 2013Khoei, M.A., Masson, G.S. and Perrinet, L.U. Motion-based prediction explains the role of tracking in motion extrapolationJournal of Physiology (2013) 107: 409-420
Klampfl and Maass 2013S. Klampfl and W. Maass Emergence of dynamic memory traces in cortical microcircuit models through STDPThe Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(28): 11515-11529
abstract, (fulltext)
Lansner et al. 2013Lansner A, Marklund P, Sikström S, Nilsson L-GReactivation in Working Memory: An Attractor Network Model of Free RecallPLoS One (2013) 8: e73776.
Lütcke et al 2013Henry Lütcke, Felipe Gerhard, Friedemann Zenke, Wulfram Gerstner and Fritjof HelmchenInference of neuronal network spike dynamics and topology from calcium imaging dataFrontiers in Neural Circuits (2013) 7: 201
abstract, fulltext
Leski et al. 2013S.Leski, H. Linden, T. Tetzlaff, K.H. Pettersen, G.T. EinevollFrequency dependence of signal power and spatial reach of the local field potentialPLoS Computational Biology (2013) 9:e1003137
abstract, fulltext
Leskiet al 2013Łeski, S., Lindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Pettersen, K. H. and Einevoll, G. T.Frequency Dependence of Signal Power and Spatial Reach of the Local Field PotentialPLoS Computational Biology (2013) 9(7): e1003137
Levy et al. 2013Levy, M., Fournier, J. and Frégnac, Y.The role of delayed suppression during fast and slow contrast adaptation in V1 Simple cellsThe Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(15): 6388-6400
abstract, fulltext
Lundqvist et al. 2013aLundqvist M, Herman P, Palva M, Palva S, Silverstein D, and LansnerStimulus detection rate and latency, firing rates and 1-40 Hz oscillatory power are modulated by infra-slow fluctuations in a bistable attractor network modelNeuroimage (2013) 83:458-471.
Lundqvist et al. 2013cLundqvist M, Herman P, Lansner AEffect of Prestimulus Alpha Power, Phase, and Synchronization on Stimulus Detection Rates in a Biophysical Attractor Network ModelJ Neurosci (2013) 33: 11817-11824
Mayrhofer et al. 2013Mayrhofer, J.M., Skreb, V., von der Behrens, W., Musall, S., Weber, B. and Haiss, F.Novel two-alternative forced choice paradigm for bilateral vibrotactile whisker frequency discrimination in head-fixed mice and rats AJP - JN Physiol (2013) 109(1): 273-284
abstract, (fulltext)
Meli and Lansner 2013Meli, C. and Lansner, A.A modular attractor associative memory with patchy connectivity and weight pruningNetwork: Computation in Neural Systems (2013) 24(4):129-150
abstract, fulltext
Nasser et al. 2012Nasser, H., Marre, O. and Cessac, B. Spatio-temporal spike trains analysis for large scale networks using maximum entropy principle and Monte-Carlo methodJournal of Statistical Mechanics (2013) : P03006
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Naude et al. 2013Naude, J., Cessac, B., Berry, H. and Delord, B. Effects of Cellular Homeostatic Intrinsic Plasticity on Dynamical and Computational Properties of Biological Recurrent Neural Networks The Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(38):15032-15043
Navaridasa et al. 2013Navaridasa, J., Furbera, S., Garsidea, J., Jinb, X., Khanc, M., Lestera, D., Lujã¡na, M., Miguel-Alonsod, J., Painkrasa, E., Pattersona, C., Planaa, L. A., Rasta, A., Richardsa, D., Shib, Y., Templea, S., Wue, J. and Yangf, S. SpiNNaker: Fault tolerance in a power- and area- constrained large-scale neuromimetic architectureParallel Computing (2013) 39(11): 693-708
Nessler et al. 2013Nessler, B., Pfeiffer, M., Buesing, L. and Maass, W.Bayesian computation emerges in generic cortical microcircuits through spike-timing-dependent plasticityPLOS Computational Biology (2013) 9(4):e1003037
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Picado-Muiño et al. 2013Picado-Muiño D, Borgelt C, Berger D, Gerstein G, Grün S.Finding neural assemblies with frequent item set miningFrontiers in neuroinformatics (2013) 7:1-15
abstract, fulltext
Pinotsis et al. 2013Pinotsis, D.A., Hansen, E., Friston, K.J. and Jirsa, V.K.Anatomical connectivity and the resting state activity of large cortical networksNeuroimage (2013) 65:127-38
abstract, (fulltext)
Pipa et al. 2013Pipa G, Grün S, van Vreeswijk C.Impact of Spike Train Autostructure on Probability Distribution of Joint Spike EventsNeural Comput. (2013) 25(5):1123-1163
Pozzorini et al. 2013Pozzorini, C., Naud, R., Mensi, S. and Gerstner, W. Temporal whitening by power-law adaptation in neocortical neuronsNature Neuroscience (2013) 16: 942-948
Rankin et al. 2012Rankin, J., Tlapale, E., Veltz, R., Faugeras, O. and Kornprobst, P. Bifurcation analysis applied to a model of motion integration with a multistable stimulusJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2013) 34(1): 103-124
fulltext, BibTeX
Rankin et al. 2013aRankin, J., Tlapale, E., Veltz, R., Faugeras, O. and Kornprobst, P. Bifurcation analysis applied to a model of motion integration with a multistable stimulus Journal of Computational Neuroscience (2013) 34(1): 103-124
Rankin et al. 2013bRankin, J., Meso, A. I., Masson, G.S., Faugeras, O. and Kornprobst, P. Bifurcation study of a neural field competition model with an application to perceptual switching in motion integrationJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2013) September: 1-21
Riehle et al. 2013Riehle, A., Wirtssohn, S., Grün, S. and Brochier, T. Mapping the spatio-temporal structure of motor cortical LFP and spiking activities during reach-to-grasp movementsFront. Neural Circuits (2013) 7:48
Santamari­a-Garcia et al. 2013Santamari­a-Garci­a, H., Pannunzi, M., Ayneto, A., Deco, G., Sebastian-Galles, N.'If you are good, I get better': the role of social hierarchy in perceptual decision-makingSoc. Cogn. Affect. Neurosci. (1014) 9(10):1489-1497
abstract, (fulltext)
Schain et al. 2013Schain, M., Benjaminsson, S., Varnäs, K., Forsberg, A., Halldin, C., Lansner, A., Farde, L. and Varrone, A. Arterial input function derived from pairwise correlations between PET-image voxelsJ Cereb Blood Flow Metab (2013) 33:1058-1065
Schultze-Kraft et al. 2013Schultze-Kraft, M., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Helias, M.Noise Suppression and Surplus Synchrony by Coincidence DetectionPLoS Comput Biol. (2013) 9(4):e1002904
Self et al. 2013Self, M.W., van Kerkoerle, T., Supèr, H. & Roelfsema, P.R. Distinct roles of the cortical layers of area V1 in figure-ground segregationCurr. Biol. (2013) 23: 2121-2129
Torre et al. 2013Torre E, Picado-Muiño D, Denker M, Borgelt C, Grün S.Statistical evaluation of synchronous spike patterns extracted by frequent item set miningFront Comput Neurosci. (2013) 7:132.
Veltz 2013Veltz, R. Interplay between constant delays and propagation delays in neural fields equationsSIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems (2013) 12(3): 1566-1612
abstract, (fulltext)
Veltz and Faugeras 2013Veltz, R. and Faugeras, O.A Center Manifold Result for Delayed Neural Fields EquationsSIAM J. Math. Anal. (2013) 45(3): 1527-1562
abstract, fulltext
Vlachos et al. 2013Vlachos A, Helias M, Becker D, Diesmann M, Deller T.NMDA-receptor inhibition increases spine stability of denervated mouse dentate granule cells and accelerates spine density recovery following entorhinal denervation in vitroNeurobiol Dis. (2013) ;59:267-76.
Vogels et al 2013T. P. Vogels, R. C. Froemke, N. Doyon, M. Gilson, J. S. Haas, R. Liu, A. Maffei, P. Miller, C. J. Wierenga, M. A. Woodin, F. Zenke and H. SprekelerInhibitory synaptic plasticity: spike timing-dependence and putative network functionFrontiers In Neural Circuits (2013) : 7
Yousaf et al. 2013M. Yousaf, B. Kriener, J. Wyller, G.T. EinevollGeneration and annihilation of localized persistent-activity states in a two-population neural-field modelNeural Networks (2013) 46}:75-90
Yousaf et al. 2013bM. Yousaf, J. Wyller, T. Tetzlaff, G.T. EinevollEffect of localized input on bump solutions in a two-population neural-field modelNonlinear Analysis Series B: Real World Applications (2013) 14:997-1025
Zenke et al. 2013Zenke, F., Hennequin, G. and Gerstner, W.Synaptic Plasticity in Neural Networks Needs Homeostasis with a Fast Rate DetectorPLoS Comput Biol (2013) 9(11): e1003330


Einevoll et al. 2013G.T. Einevoll, C. Kayser, N. Logothetis, and S. PanzeriModeling and analysis of local field potentials for studying the function of cortical circuitsNature Reviews Neuroscience (2013) 14:770-785
abstract, (fulltext), BibTeX

Book chapter

Crook et al. 2013Crook., S. M., Davison, A. P. and Plesser, H. E. Learning from the past: approaches for reproducibility in computational neuroscienceIn: J.M. Bower (Ed.), 20 Years of Computational Neuroscience, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4614-1423-0
Destexhe 2013Destexhe, A.20 Years of "Noise": Contributions of Computational Neuroscience to the Exploration of the Effect of Background Activity on Central NeuronsIn: 20 Years of Computational Neuroscience Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience (2013) 9: 167-186
Einevoll et al. 2013bG.T. Einevoll, H. Linden, T. Tetzlaff, S. Leski, K.H. PettersenLocal field potential: biophysical origin and analysisPrinciples of Neural Coding, pp. 37-59, edited by R. Quian Quiroga and S. Panzeri, CRC Press, 2013
Einevoll et al. 2013dEinevoll, G., Lindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Leski, S., and Pettersen, K.Local field potentials: biophysical origin and analysisin Quiroga and Panzeri (ed.) Principles of Neural Coding. Taylor & Francis CRC Press (2013): 37-59
Lundqvist et al. 2013bLundqvist M, Herman P, Lansner AAttractor Hypothesis of Associative Cortex : Insights from a Biophysically Detailed Network ModelIn: Signorelli F, Chirchiglia D, editors. Functional Brain Mapping and the Endeavor to Understand the Working Brain. InTech (2013). pp. 156-179
Shulz and Feldman in pressShulz, D.E. and Feldman, D. Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity in DevelopmentIn: Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Healthy and Diseased Brain, 1st Edition: Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience. (P. Rakic and J Rubenstein). (2013)
Print Book ISBN : 9780123972675, eBook ISBN : 9780123973467

Conference organisation

Denker 2013bDenker, M.Why workflows become important to usWorkshop New Perspectives on Workflow and Data Management for the Analysis of Electophysiological Data, December 2013, Jülich, Germany abstract

Conference contribution: talk

Bakker2013Bakker, R.Can we build a 'Google earth' for the brain?
Imaging the brain at different scales: How to integrate multi-scale structural information?, Antwerp, Belgium, 09/02/2013 - 09/06/2013
Canova 2013Canova, C.Quantification of worm detection3rd Vision4Action Workshop. Marseille, France (2013)
Chavane 2013Chavane, F.Functional roles of lateral interactions in the visual cortexCentral European University, Budapest (Hongrie) (2013)
Chavane 2013bChavane, F.Dynamics of scale-dependent input normalization in V1 of the awake monkeyEuropean Winter Conference on Brain Research, Brides les Bains (France) (2013)
Chavane 2013cChavane, F.Functional relevance of activity propagation in V1SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical System, Snowbird, Utah (USA) (2013)
Davison 2013Davison, A.Provenance tracking for complex data analysis workflows in neuroscience10th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen, Germany, March (2013).
Davison 2013bDavison, A.PyNN: a simulator-independent platform for large scale, data-driven neuronal simulationsCosyne workshops, Snowbird, Utah, USA, March (2013)
Deco 2013Deco, G.The dynamical structure of brain fluctuations at restOrganization for the Human Brain Mapping, Seattle, USA (2013)
Deco 2013bDeco, G.The link between structure and function in the brain: the resting stateEuropean Conference on Complex Systems, Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Deco 2013cDeco, G.The importance of being balancedWorkshop on Advances in neural mass modeling, Computational Neuroscience meeting, Paris, France (2013)
Denker 2013Denker, M.Linking the spatial structure of precise spike synchronization and local field potentials in motor cortexProceedings of the 10th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Neuroforum (2013): S24-2
Denker2013Denker, M.Linking the spatial structure of precise spike synchonization and local field potentials in motor cortex
10th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society (NWG) 2013, Göttingen, Germany, 03/13/2013 - 03/16/2013
Denkeret al 2013bDenker, M. ; Grün, S.Relationship of spiking activity & synchrony to LFP
Workshop on 'Modeling and Analysis of LFP', Ski, Norway, 01/08/2013 - 01/09/2013
Destexhe 2013bDestexhe, A.How to reconcile macroscopic brain signals with neuronal unit activity?Dynamics of Neuronal Systems, Freiburg, Germany. March (2013). (Invited speaker)
Destexhe 2013cDestexhe, A. Frequency scaling of human and monkey LFP Scale-Free Dynamics and Networks in Neurosciences, Montreal, Canada (2013) (Invited speaker)
Diesmann2013Diesmann, M.From local to brain-scale models at cellular and synaptic resolution
CENEM San Pedro Workshop, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, 10/23/2013 - 10/25/2013
Diesmann2013bDiesmann, M.Future plans on meso/macro measures from cellular resolution
Modeling and Analysis of LFP, Ski, Norway, 01/08/2013 - 01/09/2013
Diesmann2013cDiesmann, M.
Integrating brain structure and dynamics with spiking neuronal network models
Workshop on Brain Inspired Computing, Cetraro, Italy, 7/08/2013 - 07/11/2013
Diesmann2013dDiesmann, M.Relating structure and activity in a full-scale local cortical network model
Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) 2013, Snowbird, USA, 03/04/2013 - 03/05/2013
Diesmann2013eDiesmann, M.Some further insights on the correlation structure of cortex and supercomputers as instruments of neuroscience
Brain Week, Bern, Switzerland, 03/11/2013 - 03/17/2013
Diesmann2013fDiesmann, M.Theorie und Simulation grosser neuronaler Netzwerke
Brain Week, Bern, Switzerland, 03/11/2013 - 3/17/2013
Diesmann2013gDiesmann, M.Use cases for interactive supercomputing in computational neuroscience
HBP workshop Interactive Supercomputing, Frankfurt, Germany, 09/30/2013 - 10/01/2013
Einevoll 2013aGaute T. EinevollHow local is the local field potential?BioQuest 2013, Amritapuri, India, 11.-14.08.2013. Invited
Einevoll 2013bGaute T. EinevollHow do spike correlations affect the measured local field potential (LFP)?"Network neuroscience: Structure and dynamics". Workshop associated with CNS*2013, Paris
Einevoll 2013cGaute T. EinevollHow do spike correlations a ffect the measured cortical local eld potential (LFP)?BCCN Freiburg Conference: "Dynamics of neuronal systems", Freiburg,
18.-20.03.2013. Invited.
Einevoll 2013dGaute T. EinevollModeling what you can measure in the brain with modern multielectrodesECMS 2013 European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, NEUROSIM track, Aalesund,
Einevoll et al. 2013cEinevoll, G. T., Leski, S. and Hagen, E. Tutorial on LFPy: T3: Modeling and interpretation of extracellular potentials CNS 2013, Paris, France abstract
Fregnac 2013Fregnac, Y.Central neurobiological issues in Neuromorphic computation : Noise and PlasticityCapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Sardinia (2013) Invited speaker
Fregnac 2013bFregnac, Y.Searching for a fit between the "silent" surround of V1 receptive fields and eye-movementsSymposium: Active Perception: The synergy between perception and action (2013), Organizer: Michele Rucci and Eli Brenner, Boston University and VU University abstract
Fregnac 2013cFregnac, Y.Multiscale complexity in the visual cortical receptive field. In International Symposium "Visual Processing Beyond the Classical Receptive Field", Re-He Palace, Chengde city, China. Invited Keynote Conference
Fregnac 2013dFregnac, Y.Synaptic echoes of low-level perception UESTC (2013), Chengdu, China. Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013eFregnac, Y.Visions de l'Intérieur : quand l'oeuvre d'art « résonne « avec l'architecture perceptive du Cerveau. In. Le geste du peintre : matériaux, perception, émotion. Journée d'étude du LAMS. Orgs. P. Walter and JP Changeux. Paris (2013). Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013fFregnac, Y.Reconstructing low-level perception from synaptic echoes in V1. In: 4th European Visual Cortex Meeting (2013). St Cross Castle, Sr Kriz Zacretje, Croatie. Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013gFregnac, Y.Propagation Belief in Visual cortical networks : a possible neural implementation of Gestalt laws. In "Neuroscience of Cognition, Computation and Decisions" Virginia Tech, Riva San Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland (2013). Invited Conference.
Grün 2013Grün, S.Correlation Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains I. + II.Berkeley Summer Course inMining and Modeling of Neuroscience Data (2013)
Grün 2013bGrün, S.Data-driven evaluation of functional correlations in (massively) parallel spike trainsIntern. Workshop on Brain-Inspired Computing. Cetraro, Italy. (2013)
Grün 2013cGrün, S.Dynamic Interactive Processing in the Biological Neuronal NetworkSFB 917 - Seminar. Aachen, Germany (2013)
Grün 2013dGrün, S.Effect of Spike Sorting Errors on Unitary Event Analysis2nd Vision for Action Workshop. Jülich, Germany (2013)
Grün 2013eGrün, S.Frequent Itemset Mining based Detection of Synchronous Spike Events in Massively Parallel Spike Trains2nd J-G Project Meeting. Kyoto, Japan(2013)
Grün 2013fGrün, S.Multi-Channel Spike Correlation AnalysisTutorial "Statistical Methods", INM Retreat 2013
Grün 2013gGrün, S.Spatio-Temporal Scales of Neuronal Interactions11e Colloque Societe des Neurosciences. Lyon, France (2013)
Grün 2013hGrün, S.Statistical Evaluation of Synchronous Spike Patterns extracted by Frequent Item Set MiningModeling Neural Activity: Statistics, Dynamical Systems, and Networks. Lihue, Hawaii, USA. (2013)
Grün 2013iGrün, S.Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Multi-Channel Spike and LFP DataWorkshop Tools for the Analysis of Functional Data. Paris, France (2013)
Grün 2013jGrün, S.Uncovering Spatio-Temporal Cortical Interaction: Current activities, open problemsHBP Data Analysis - Visualization Coordination Meeting. Jülich, Germany (2013)
Grün2013Grün, S.Human Brain Project - Scientific goals, Organization, Our role
Wissenswerte, Bremen, Germany, 11/25/2013 - 11/25/2013
Grün2013bGrün, S.Spike Synchrony and Spike-LFP Locking in Monkey Primary Visual Cortex during Free Viewing of Natural Scenes
Computational Neuroscience, Paris, France, 07/17/2013 - 07/17/2013
Grytskyyet al 2013cGrytskyy, D. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Diesmann, M. ; Helias, M. Covariances in neural networks in linear approximation
Donders Discussion 2013, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 10/31/2013 - 11/01/2013
Helias 2013Helias, M.Structure and invariance of correlations in balanced networks
BCCN workshop 'Dynamics of Neuronal Systems', Freiburg, Germany, 06/18/2013 - 06/20/2013
Kunkelet al 2013Kunkel, S. ; Diesmann, M.Simulation technology at cellular and synaptic resolution for the largest computers
EU - US workshop on Cortical Processors, Heidelberg, Germany, 10/14/2013 - 10/15/2013
Maximov2013Maximov, A.Toward a large-scale spiking network model of the rodent barrel cortex
3rd BrainScaleS Plenary Meeting, Marseille, France, 03/21/2013 - 03/22/2013
Nowke et al. 2013Nowke, C., Schmidt, M., van Albada, S. J., Eppler, J. M., Bakker, R., Diesmann, M., Hentschel, B. and Kuhlen, T. VisNEST - Interactive Analysis of Neural Activity DataBioVis Symposium at the IEEE BioVis 2013, 13-18 Oct. 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Potjans Tet al 2013Potjans, T. C. ; Diesmann, M.
A minimal cell-type specific model of the cortical microcircuit

Dynamics of Neuronal Systems, Freiburg, Germany, 03/18/2013 - 03/20/2013
Rast et al. 2013Rast, A., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C., Schemmel, J., Hartmann, S., Plana, L., Temple, S., Lester, D., Schueffny, R., Furber, S.A Location-Independent Direct Link Neuromorphic InterfaceInternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks (2013)
Schmidt et al. 2013cSchmidt, M. ; van Albada, S. ; Bakker, R. ; Diesmann, M.
A spiking multi-area network model of macaque visual cortex
Osaka, Japan, 07/02/2014 - 07/02/2014
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