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Adhikari et al. 2012Adhikari, M.H., Quilichini, P.P., Roy, D., Jirsa, V.K. and Bernard, C. Brain State Dependent Postinhibitory Rebound in Entorhinal Cortex InterneuronsJ Neurosci. (2012) 32(19):6501-6510
abstract, (fulltext)
Baladron et al. 2012Baladron, J., Fasoli, D. and Faugeras, O.Three applications of gpu computing in neuroscienceComputing in Science and Engineering (2012) 14(3):40-47
Baladron et al. 2012bBaladron, J., Fasoli, D.,Faugeras, O. and Touboul, J.Mean-field description and propagation of chaos in networks of Hodgkin-Huxley neuronsJournal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2012) 2:10
fulltext, BibTeX
Bedard et al. 2011Bédard, C., Béhuret, S., Deleuze, C., Bal, T. and Destexhe, A.Oversampling method to extract excitatory and inhibitory conductances from single-trial membrane potential recordingsJ Neurosci Meth (2012) 210 (1): 3 - 14
Benjaminsson and Lansner 2012Benjaminsson, S. and Lansner, A.Nexa: A scalable neural simulator with integrated analysisNetwork: Computation in Neural Systems (2012) 23: 254-271
abstract, fulltext
Berthet et al. 2012Berthet, P., Hellgren-Kotaleski, J. and Lansner, A.Action selection performance of a reconfigurable Basal Ganglia model with a Hebbian-Bayesian Go-NoGo connectivityFront. Behav. Neurosci. (2012) 6:65
Bezgin et al. 2012Bezgin, G., Vakorin, V. A., van Opstal, A. J., McIntosh, A. R. and Bakker, R. Hundreds of brain maps in one atlas: Registering coordinate-independent primate neuro-anatomical data to a standard brainNeuroImage (2012) 62(1): 67-76
Borgelt et al. 2012Borgelt, C., Braune, C., Kötter, T. and Grün, S. New algorithms for finding approximate frequent item setsSoft Computing (2012) 16(5): 903-917
abstract, fulltext
Budd and Kisvarday 2012Budd, J.M.L. and Kisvárday, Z.F.Communication and wiring in the cortical connectomeFront. Neuroanat. (2012) 6:42
abstract, fulltext
Chavane et al. 2012Chavane, F., Sharon, D., Jancke, D., Marre, O., Frégnac, Y. and Grinvald, ALateral spread of orientation selectivity in V1 is controlled by intracortical cooperativityFront. Syst. Neurosci. (2012) 5:4
abstract, fulltext
Chicharro and Ledberg 2012Chicharro, D. and Ledberg, A.When two become one: the limits of causality analysis of brain dynamicsPLoS One (2012) 7(3):e32466
Davison 2012Davison, A. P.Automated Capture of Experiment Context for Easier Reproducibility in Computational Research Computing in Science and Engineering (2012) 14: 48-56
abstract, fulltext
Deco and Hugues 2012aDeco, G. and Hugues, E.Balanced input allows optimal encoding in a stochastic binary neural network model: an analytical studyPLoS One (2012) 7(2): e30723
Deco and Hugues 2012bDeco, G. and Hugues, E.Neural network mechanisms underlying stimulus driven variability reductionPLoS Comput Biol (2012) 8(3): e1002395
Deco and Jirsa 2012Deco, G. and Jirsa, V.Ongoing cortical activity at rest: criticality, multistability and ghost attractorsThe Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32(10): 3366-3375
Deco et al. 2012Deco, G., Senden, M. and Jirsa, V.K.How anatomy shapes dynamics: a semi-analytical study of the brain at rest by a simple spin modelFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2012) :
abstract, fulltext
Deger et al. 2012Deger, M., Helias, M., Rotter, S. and Diesmann, M. Spike-Timing Dependence of Structural Plasticity Explains Cooperative Synapse Formation in the NeocortexPLoS Comput Biol (2012) 8(9): e1002689
Dehghani et al. 2012Dehghani, N., Hatsopoulos, N.G., Haga, Z.D., Parker, R.A., Greger, B., Halgren, E., Cash, S.S., and Destexhe, A.Avalanche analysis from multielectrode ensemble recordings in cat, monkey, and human cerebral cortex during wakefulness and sleepFrontiers in Physiology (2012) 3: 302
abstract, fulltext
Deneux et al. 2012bDeneux, T., Takerkart, S., Grinvald, A., Masson, G.S. and Vanzetta, I.A processing work-flow for measuring erythrocytes velocity in extended vascular networks from wide field high-resolution optical imaging data.Neuroimage (2012) 59: 2569-2588
Destexhe and Bedard 2012Destexhe, A. and Bedard, C.Do neurons generate monopolar current sources?AJP - JN Physiol (2012) 108(4): 953-955
abstract, (fulltext)
Djurfeldt 2012Djurfeldt, M. The Connection-set Algebra - A Novel Formalism for the Representation of Connectivity Structure in Neuronal Network ModelsNeuroinformatics (2012) 10(3): 287-304
Ego-Stengel et al. 2012Ego-Stengel, V., Le Cam, J., and Shulz, D.E.Coding of apparent motion in the thalamic nucleus of the rat vibrissal somatosensory system.J. Neuroscience (2012) 32(10): 3339-3351
Einevoll et al. 2012Einevoll, G. T., Franke, F., Hagen, E., Pouzat, C. and Harris, K. D. Towards reliable spike-train recordings from thousands of neurons with multielectrodesCurrent Opinion in Neurobiology (2012) 22(1): 11-17
El Boustani et al. 2012El Boustani, S., Yger, P., Frégnac, Y. and Destexhe, A.Stable Learning in Stochastic Network StatesThe Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32(1): 194-214
Estebanez et al. 2012Estebanez, L., Boustani, S. E., Destexhe, A. and Shulz, D. E. Correlated input reveals coexisting coding schemes in a sensory cortexNature Neuroscience (2012) 15: 1691-1699
abstract, (fulltext)
Faye 2012Faye, G.Reduction method for studying localized solutions of neural field equations on the Poincaré diskComptes Rendus Mathematique (2012) 350(3-4): 161-166
abstract, fulltext
Faye and Chossat 2012Faye, G. and Chossat, P.Bifurcation Diagrams and Heteroclinic Networks of Octagonal H-PlanformsJournal of Nonlinear Science (2012) 22(3): 277-325
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Faye et al. 2011Faye, G., Chossat, P. and Faugeras, O.Analysis of a hyperbolic geometric model for visual texture perceptionThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:4
fulltext, BibTeX
Faye et al. 2012Faye, G., Rankin, J and Chossat, P.Localized states in an unbounded neural field equation with smooth firing rate function: a multi-parameter analysisJournal of Mathematical Biology (2012) :
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Fregnac 2012aFrégnac, Y.Reading Out the Synaptic Echoes of Low-Level Perception in V1Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2012) 7583: 486-495
Friston et al. 2012Friston, K., Adams, R. A., Perrinet, L. and Breakspear, M. Perceptions as hypotheses: saccades as experimentsFront. Psychology (2012) 3:151
abstract, fulltext
Galtier and Wainrib 2012Galtier, M. and Wainrib, G.Multiscale analysis of slow-fast neuronal learning models with noiseThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2012) 2:13
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Galtier et al. 2012Galtier, M., Faugeras, O. and Bressloff, P. Hebbian Learning of Recurrent Connections: A Geometrical PerspectiveNeural Computation (2012) 24(9): 2346-2383
Gerstein et al. 2012Gerstein, G.L., Williams, E.R., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Trengove, C.Detecting synfire chains in parallel spike dataJournal of Neuroscience Methods (2012) 206(1): 54-64
Grytskyy et al. 2013Grytskyy, D., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M., and Helias, M.A unified view on weakly correlated recurrent networksFront Comput Neurosci. (2013) 7:131
Helias et al. 2012Helias, M., Kunkel, S., Masumoto, G., Igarashi, J., Eppler, J. M., Ishii, S., Fukai, T., Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M. Supercomputers ready for use as discovery machines for neuroscienceFront. Neuroinform. (2012) 6:26
Henker et al. 2012Henker, S., Partzsch, J. and Schüffny, R.Accuracy evaluation of numerical methods used in state-of-the-art simulators for spiking neural networksJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2012) 32(2): 309-326
Hennequinet al 2012Hennequin, G., Vogels, T.P. and Gerstner, W.Non-normal amplification in random balanced neuronal networksPhysical Review E (2012) 86: 011909
Hermann Touboul 2012Hermann, G. and Touboul, J. Heterogeneous Connections Induce Oscillations in Large-Scale NetworksPhys. Rev. Lett. (2012) 109: 018702
Krishnamurthy et al. 2012Krishnamurthy, P., Silberberg, G. and Lansner, A.A cortical attractor network with Martinotti cells driven by facilitating synapsesPLoS ONE (2012) 7(4): e30752
Ledberg et al. 2012Ledberg, A., Montagnini, A., Coppola, R. and Bressler, S.L.Reduced Variability of Ongoing and Evoked Cortical Activity Leads to Improved Behavioral PerformancePLoS ONE (2012) 7: e43166
Lundqvist et al. 2012Lundqvist, M., Herman, P. and Lansner, A.Variability of spike firing during theta-coupled replay of memories in a simulated attractor networkBrain Res (2012) 1434:152-161
Masson and Perrinet 2012Masson, G. S. and Perrinet, L. U.The behavioral receptive field underlying motion integration for primate tracking eye movementsNeuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews (2012) 36(1): 1-25
Mensi et al 2012Skander Mensi , Richard Naud , Christian Pozzorini , Michael Avermann , Carl C. H. Petersen , Wulfram Gerstner Parameter extraction and classification of three cortical neuron types reveals two distinct adaptation mechanismsJournal of Neurophysiology (2012) 107(6): 1756-1775
Muller and Destexhe 2012Muller, L. and Destexhe, A. Propagating waves in thalamus, cortex and the thalamocortical system: Experiments and modelsJournal of Physiology-Paris (2012) 106 (5-6): 222-238
Naud and Gerstner 2012Naud, R. and Gerstner, W. Coding and Decoding with Adapting Neurons: A Population Approach to the Peri-Stimulus Time HistogramPLoS Comput Biol (2012) 8(10): e1002711
abstract, fulltext
Partzsch and Schüffny 2012Partzsch, J. and Schüffny, R.Developing structural constraints on connectivity for biologically embedded neural networksBiological Cybernetics (2012) 106(3): 191-200
abstract, fulltext
Perrinet and Masson 2012Perrinet, L.U. and Masson, G.S.Motion-based prediction is sufficient to solve the aperture problemNeural Computation (2012) 24(10): 2726-2750
abstract, (fulltext)
Peyrache et al. 2012Peyrache, A., Dehghani, N., Eskandar, E.N., Madsen, J.R., Anderson, W.S., Donoghue, J.S., Hochberg, L.R., Halgren, E., Cash, S.S., and Destexhe, A.Spatiotemporal dynamics of neocortical excitation and inhibition during human sleepPNAS (2012) 109 (5): 1731-1736
abstract, fulltext
Pfeil et al. 2012Pfeil, T., Grübl, A., Jeltsch, S., Müller, E., Müller, P., Petrovici, M., Schmuker, M., Brüderle, D., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. Six networks on a universal neuromorphic computing substrateFront. Neurosci. (2013) 7:11
Pfeil et al. 2012bPfeil, T., Potjans, T. C., Schrader, S., Potjans, W., Schemmel, J., Diesmann, M. and Meier, K. Is a 4-bit synaptic weight resolution enough? - constraints on enabling spike-timing dependent plasticity in neuromorphic hardwareFront. Neurosci. (2012) 6:90
abstract, fulltext
Poort et al. 2012Poort, J., Raudies, F., Wannig, A., Lamme, V.A.F., Neumann, H. and Roelfsema, P.R.The role of attention in figure-ground segregation in areas V1 and V4 of the visual cortex.Neuron (2012) 75: 143-156
abstract, (fulltext)
Reynaud et al. 2012Reynaud, A., Masson, G. S. and Chavane, F.Dynamics of Local Input Normalization Result from Balanced Short- and Long-Range Intracortical Interactions in Area V1The Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32(36):12558 - 12569
Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2012Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B. and Viéville, T.Parameters estimation in spiking neural networks: a reverse-engineering approachJ. Neural. Eng. (2012) 9: 026024
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Sanz Leon et al. 2012Sanz Leon, P., Vanzetta, I., Masson, G.S. and Perrinet, L.U.Motion Clouds: model-based stimulus synthesis of natural-like random textures for the study of motion perceptionAJP - JN Physiol (2012) 107 (11): 3217-3226
abstract, (fulltext)
Simoncini et al. 2012Simoncini, C., Perrinet, L.U., Montagnini, A., Mamassian, P. and Masson G.S.More is not always better: pooling motion information differently for perception or actionNature Neuroscience (2012) 15: 1596-1603
Tetzlaff et al. 2012Tetzlaff, T., Helias, M., Einevoll, G. T. and Diesmann, M. Decorrelation of Neural-Network Activity by Inhibitory FeedbackPLoS Comput Biol (2012) 8(8): e1002596
Touboul el al. 2011Touboul, J., Hermann, G. and Faugeras, O.Noise-Induced Behaviors in Neural Mean Field DynamicsSIAM J. Applied Dynamical Systems (2012) 11(1): 49-81
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Vasquez et al. 2012Vasquez, J.-C., Palacios, A., Marre, O., Berry II, M. J. and Cessac, B.Gibbs distribution analysis of temporal correlations structure in retina ganglion cellsJ. Physiol. Paris (2012) 106(4):120-127
(fulltext), BibTeX
Voges and Perrinet 2012Voges, N. and Perrinet, L.Complex dynamics in recurrent cortical networks based on spatially realistic connectivitiesFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2012) 6:41
abstract, fulltext


Crook et al. 2012Crook, S. M., Bednar, J. A., Berger, S., Cannon, R., Davison, A. P., Djurfeldt, M., Eppler, J., Kriener, B., Furber, S., Graham, B., Plesser, H. E., Schwabe, L., Smith, L., Steuber, V. and van Albada, S.Creating, documenting and sharing network modelsNetwork: Computation in Neural Systems (2012) 23(4): 131-149
abstract, fulltext
Gerstner et al. 2012Gerstner, W., Sprekeler, H. and Deco, G.Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience (access to fulltext via the researchers website)Science (2012) 338 (6103): 60-65
abstract, (fulltext)

Book chapter

Cessac and Palacios 2012Cessac, B. and Palacios, A.Spike train statistics from empirical facts to theory: the case of the retinaModeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor, Springer-Verlag (2012) fulltext, BibTeX
Devor et al. 2012Devor, A., Boas, D.A., Einevoll, G.T., Buxton, R.B. and Dale, A.M. Neuronal Basis of Non-Invasive Functional Imaging: From Microscopic Neurovascular Dynamics to BOLD fMRIAdvances in Neurobiology (2012) 4: 433-500
Lansner and Diesmann 2012Lansner, A. and Diesmann, M. Virtues, Pitfalls, and Methodology of Neuronal Network Modeling and Simulations on SupercomputersComputational Systems Neurobiology, Editors N. Le Novère, ISBN: 978-94-007-3857-7 (Print) 978-94-007-3858-4 (Online) (2012): 283-315 abstract
Pettersen et al. 2012Pettersen, K.H., Linden, H., Dale, A.M. and Einevoll, G.T. Extracellular spikes and CSD Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement, edited by R. Brette and A. Destexhe, Cambridge, 2012: 92-135
Book URL:
Pettersen et al. 2013Pettersen, K. H., Linden, H., Dale, A.M. and Einevoll, G. T.Extracellular spikes and current-source densityin Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement, edited by Romain Brette and Alain Destexhe, ISBN: 9780521516228, Published September 2012 fulltext

Conference contribution: talk

Chavane 2012Chavane, F. Scale dependent input normalization in V1 of the awake monkey: involvement of intra and/or inter-cortical networks. College of Optometry, State University of New York, NY (USA) (2012
Chavane 2012bChavane, F. Scale dependent input normalization in V1 of the awake monkeyNeurobiology Department, Yale University, New Haven (USA) (2012)
Chavane 2012cChavane, F. Scale dependent input normalization in V1 of the awake monkey: what VSDI population response dynamics tell us...Center for Neural Science, New York University (USA) (2012)
Chavane 2012dChavane, F. Scale dependent input normalization in V1 of the awake monkey: involvement of intra and/or inter-cortical networksNetherlands Institute of Neurosciences, Amsterdam (Netherlands) (2012)
Denker 2012Denker, M.Implementing workflow strategies at INM-6Talk at the 2nd Vision4Action Workshop; INT, CNRS-AMU, Marseille, France; 06/20/2012-06/20/2012
Denker 2012bDenker, M.Implementing workflow strategiesTalk at the 2nd Active Vision Workshop; Jülich, Germany; 11/15/2012-11/17/2012
Denker 2012cDenker, M.Rate vs. Synchrony - How the verification of correlation analysis inflates workflow complexityTalk at the 1st INCF Workshop on Validation of Data-Analysis Methods; Stockholm, Sweden; 6/19/2012
Denker et al. 2012bDenker, M., Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Grün, S., Riehle, A.
Comparing the spatio-temporal organization of joint spiking and local field potential oscillations in motor cortex
Twenty First Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS*2012, Decatur, GA, USA; BMC Neuroscience 2012, 13(Suppl 1):P127
Diesmann 2012 aDiesmann, M. Active decorrelation in local cortical networksBiology and Physics of Information Processing ; Nordita, Stockholm ; Sweden ; 04/16/2012 - 05/11/2012
Diesmann 2012bDiesmann, M. Brain-scale neuronal network simulations on K4th Biosupercomputing Symposium ; Tokyo ; Japan ; 12/03/2012 - 12/05/2012
Diesmann 2012cDiesmann, M. Decorrelation of neural-network activity by inhibitory feedbackVariance & Invariants in Brain and Behavior ; TECHNION, Haifa ; Israel ; 05/21/2012 - 05/23/2012
Fregnac 2012Frégnac, Y.Biological Foundations of neuromorphic computationInternational MemCo Workshop: "Memristors for Computing" (2012), Frejus, France. Invited
Fregnac 2012bFrégnac, Y.Functional polymorphy of visual cortex : from "crystal" to "smoke".Keynote speaker in International Workshop on Bioinspired Systems and Prosthetic Devices (Bio-Pro) (2012), Taiwan. Invited.
Fregnac 2012cFrégnac, Y.Foundations of Neuromorphic Computation: What Physics and Computer Science can learn from Brain studiesOrganized by Labex MS2T (Maîtrise de Systèmes de Systèmes Technologiques) de l'Université de Technologie de Compiègne France (2012). Invited.
Fregnac 2012dFrégnac, Y.Calcul Neuromorphique : émergence des principes de liage perceptif de la "Gestalt"In Modéliser le Cerveau (organized by P. Chauvel, R. Pumain and P. Wending) Réunion d'Hiver de la Société de Neurophysiologie Clinique de Langue Française, (2012) Paris, France. Invited.
Fregnac 2012eFrégnac, Y.Reading out the synaptic echoes of low-level perceptionInternational workshop on "Biological and Computer Vision Interfaces" at ECCV (2012), Organized by P. Kronbropst and O. Faugeras, Florence, Italy. Invited.
Fregnac 2012fFrégnac, Y.Meso/Micro-scale interactions in cortical visual processing: one step closer to Gestalt4th Binational Meeting of France-Israel Neuroscience (2012), FINEPS, Aussois. Invited
Fregnac 2012gFrégnac, Y.Revisiting the visual cortical receptive field : one step closer to Gestalt.International Workshop on recent advances in dynamical systems and applications (2012). Org. O. Faugeras and G. Faye. IBRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, Invited.
Grün 2012Grün, S.Interaction of Spike-Synchrony and the Local Field PotentialInvited Talk, University College London, United Kingdom; 11/29/2012.
Grün 2012bGrün, S.Data Driven Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Cortical Interaction5th INCF Neuroinformatics Congress 2012 ; Munich ; Germany ; 09/10/2012 - 09/12/2012
Grün 2012cGrün, S.Worms and BraidsTalk at the 2nd Vision4Action Workshop; INT, CNRS-AMU, Marseille, France; 06/20/2012
Grün 2012dGrün, S.Dynamics and Interaction in the Cortical NetworkTalk at the 7th Winter School IRTG 1328; RWTH Aachen, Germany; 11/02/2012
Grün 2012eGrün, S.Calibration and Testing of Spike Correlation MethodsTalk at the 1st INCF Workshop on Validation of Data-Analysis Methods; Stockholm, Sweden; 6/19/2012
Grytskyy et al. 2012Grytskyy, D., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M. and Helias, M. Unifying propagators and covariances of network models by Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process12th Granada* Seminar - Physics, Computation and the Mind - Advances and Challenges at Interfaces ; La Herradura ; Spain ; 09/17/2012 - 09/21/2012 abstract
Grytskyy et al. 2012bGrytskyy, D., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M. and Helias, M.Unification of covariances in different neuron network models through the mapping onto Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processApplied Mathematics, Control and Informatics, Belgorod, Russia, 10/03/2012 - 10/05/2012
Masson 2012Masson, G. S.Optimal encoding of speed information for tracking eye movementsWorkshop on "Optimizing performance in dynamics environment" Amsterdam, NL, 2-5 July 2012
Masson 2012bMasson, G. S.Speed processing for ocular tracking and motion perception : same or different ? CESAME, Departement de Neurosciences. Université Catholique de Louvain. Louvain, Belgique, 26 October 2012
Masson 2012cMasson, G. S.Behavioral receptive fields and cortical population dynamics.Departemento de Electronca, Universidad Téchnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chili, 30 October 2012
Masson 2012dMasson, G. S.Behavioral receptive fields and cortical population dynamicsHertie Institute for Brain Research. Tübingen. Germany. December 6th, 2012
Monier and Fregnac 2012Monier, C. and Frégnac, Y.Multiscale study of the reliability of visually evoked cortical dynamics and its dependency on input statisticsInternational Symposium on Sensory Coding and Natural Environment 2012, IST, Vienna, Austria (Invited)
Schemmel et al. 2012aSchemmel, J. and Grübl, A. and Kononov, A. and Meier, K. and Millner, S. and Schwartz, M. and Scholze, S. and Schiefer, S. and Hartmann, S. and Partzsch, J. and Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.Live Demonstration: A Scaled-Down Version of the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale Neuromorphic SystemIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2012
Shulz 2012aShulz D.E. Keep in touch: sensing the world with whiskersPlennary Lecture, 2nd French-Argentinean symposium in Neurosciences (2012) Buenos Aires, Argentina (Invited)
Shulz 2012bShulz, D.E.Neuronal representation of complex multi-whisker tactile scenesFENS satellite symposium on Barrel Cortex Function (2012) Barcelona, Spain. Invited.
Shulz 2012cShulz, D. E.Distributed inputs to the barrel system coupled to multiple single unit recordings in the somatosensory cortexKeynote Speaker, 3rd Workshop GDR 2904, "Multi-electrode recordings and signal processing applied to the study of neuronal networks". Marseille, France (2012) Invited.
Wiebelt2012Wiebelt, B.
Trivial Parallelization in a Neuroscience Laboratory
BrainScaleS Workshop on "Workflow design for complex analyses of multi-electrode electrophysiological data", Marseille, France, 06/21/2012 - 06/22/2012

Conference contribution: poster

Bakkeret al 2012Bakker, R. ; Denker, M. ; Diesmann, M. ; Eppler, J. M. ; Grün, S. ; Grytskyy, D. ; Helias, M. ; Ito, J. ; Maximov, A. ; Schmidt, M. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Torre, E. ; van Albada, S. ; Wiebelt, B. ; Zehl, L.
Planned activities in Jülich
BrainScales Conference, Jülich, Germany, 03/19/2012
Bermudez et al. 2012Bermudez, M., Courbonm D., Barthelemym F., Masson, G. S. and Vanzetta, I.Effect of temporal frequency, color and contrast in V4 of the behaving macaque: neuronal responses and behavioral correlatesAbstracts of the 42nd Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, October 2012, New Orleans, USA (2012)
Borgelt et al. 2012bBorgelt, C., Picado-Muino, D., Berger, D., Gerstein, G. and Grün, S. Cell Assembly Detection With Frequent Itemset MiningCNS 2012 ; Decatur ; USA ; 07/21/2012 - 07/26/2012
Chavane et al. 2012aChavane, F., Reynaud, A., Montardy, Q. and Masson G. S. Cortical origin of contextual modulations in motion integration: linking V1 population response to the behavioral ocular following response Journal of Vision August (2012) 12(9): 758
De Haan 2012De Haan, M.Vision for Action: Exploring how visual inputs and motor outputs coordinate to create meaningful actionsTalk at the INT PhD-Day 2012; Marseille, France; 12/13/2012-12/13/2012.
De Haan 2012bDe Haan, M.KINARM, EyeLink & Cerebus - Hardware Setup, Data Flow and Task EnvironmentTalk at the 2nd Vision4Action Workshop; INT, CNRS-AMU, Marseille, France; 06/20/2012-06/20/2012.
Deneux et al. 2012Deneux, T., Sanz-Leon, P., Masquelier, T., Masson, G. S., Deco, G. and Vanzetta, I. (2012) The spatiotemporal structure of ongoing and evoked activity investigated using optical imaging of voltage sensitive dyes in awake monkey V4AREADNE Meeting, Juin 2012, Santorini, Greece (2012)
Denker et al. 2012Denker, M., Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Riehle, A. and Grün, S.Spatial organization of joint spiking and local field potential coherence in motor cortex.Poster contribution at conference Neurovisionen 8; Aachen, Germany; 10/26/2012.
Denker et al. 2012aDenker M, Davison A, Grün S, Diesmann M
Implementing workflow strategies to handle the analysis of complex electrophysiological data sets
Front. Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: 5th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics, Munich, Germany
Denker et al. 2012cDenker, M., Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Grün, S., Riehle, A.
Spatial organization of synchronized activity expressed by joint spiking and local field potentials in motor cortex
8th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience 2012, Barcelona, Spain
Eppler et al. 2012Eppler, J. M., Djurfeldt, M., Muller, E., Diesmann, M. and Davison, A.Combining simulator independent network descriptions with run-time interoperability based on PyNN and MUSICIn Conference Abstract: 5th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics, Front. Neuroinform. (2012)
EpplerM et al. 2012Eppler, J. M. ; Wiebelt, B. ; Zaytsev, Y. ; Diesmann, M.
The NEST software development infrastructure
INM Retreat 2012, Jülich, Germany, 07/03/2012 - 07/04/2012
Galluppi et al. 2012Galluppi, F., Davies, S., Rast, A., Sharp, T., Plana, L. A. and Furber, S. A hierachical configuration system for a massively parallel neural hardware platformCF '12 Proceedings of the 9th conference on Computing Frontiers, Cagliari (2012): 183-192
abstract, fulltext
Grün 2012aGrün, S. Data Driven Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Cortical InteractionGDR 2904 Multi-Electrodes - 3rd Annual Meeting Marseille ; Marseille ; France ; 10/25/2012 - 10/26/2012
Grün et al. 2012Grün, S., Picado-Muino, D., Berger, D., Gerstein, G., Borgelt, C.
Detection of Neuronal Assemblies by Frequent Item Set Mining
Neuroinformatics 2012, Munich, Germany
Grytskyy et al. 2012cGrytskyy, D., Helias, M., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M.
Taming the model zoo: a unified view on correlations in recurrent networks
Twenty First Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, Decatur, GA, USA; BMC Neuroscience 2012, 13(Suppl 1):P147.
Grytskyy et al. 2012dGrytskyy, D., Helias, M., Tetzlaff, T., Diesmann, M.Ornstein-Uhlenbeck-process joins and extends different theories of correlationsBernstein Conference 2012, Munich, Germany; Front Comp Neurosci 6 (2012)

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