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Antolik and Bednar 2011Antolik, J. and Bednar, J.A. Development of maps of simple and complex cells in the primary visual cortexFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) 5:17
abstract, fulltext
Auffarth et al. 2011Auffarth, B., Kaplan, B. and Lansner, A.Map formation in the olfactory bulb by axon guidance of olfactory neuronsFront Syst Neurosci (2011) 5:84
Bazhenov et al. 2011Bazhenov, M., Lonjers, P., Skorheim, S., Bedard, C. and Destexhe, A.Non-homogeneous extracellular resistivity affects the current-source density profiles of up/down state oscillationsPhil. Trans. R. Soc. A (2011) 369:3802-3819
abstract, fulltext
Bedard and Destexhe 2011Bedard, C. and Destexhe, A.Generalized theory for current-source-density analysis in brain tissuePhys. Rev. E (2011) 84:041909
Brüderle et al. 2011Brüderle, D., Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Ehrlich, M., Pfeil, T., Millner, S., Grübl, A., Wendt, K., Müller, E., Schwartz, M.-O., de Oliveira, D. H., Jeltsch, S., Fieres, J., Schilling, M., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Petkov, V., Muller, L., Davison, A. P., Krishnamurthy, P., Kremkow, J., Lundqvist, M., Muller, E., Partzsch, J., Scholze, S., Zühl, L., Mayr, C., Destexhe, A., Diesmann, M., Potjans, T. C., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systemsBiological Cybernetics (2011) 104(4-5): 263-296
abstract, fulltext
Buesing 2011Buesing, L., Bill, J., Nessler, B. and Maass, W.Neural Dynamics as Sampling: A Model for Stochastic Computation in Recurrent Networks of Spiking NeuronsPLoS Comput Biol (2011) 7(11): e1002211
Cessac 2011Cessac, B.Statistics of spike trains in conductance-based neural networks: Rigorous resultsThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:1-42
fulltext, BibTeX
Chossat et al. 2011Chossat, P., Faye, G., Faugeras, O.Bifurcations of hyperbolic planforms Journal of Nonlinear Science (2011) 21(4): 465-498
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Denker et al. 2011cDenker, M., Roux, S., Lindén, H., Diesmann, M., Riehle, A. and Grün, S.The local field potential reflects surplus spike synchronyCerebral Cortex (2011) 21:2681-2695
abstract, fulltext
Fournier et al. 2011Fournier, J., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Adaptation of the simple or complex nature of V1 receptive fields to visual statisticsNature Neuroscience (2011) 14: 1053-1060
abstract, (fulltext)
Grassia et al. 2011Grassia, F., Buhry, L., Levi, T., Tomas, J., Destexhe, A. and Saaghi, S.Tunable neuromimetic integrated system for emulating cortical neuron modelsFront. Neurosci. (2011) 5:134
Hanuschkin et al.Hanuschkin, A., Diesmann M., and Morrison, A.A reafferent and feed-forward model of song syntax generation in the Bengalese finchJ Comput Neurosci. (2011) 31(3):509-32
Helias et al. 2011Helias, M., Deger, M., Rotter, S. and Diesmann, M.Finite post synaptic potentials cause a fast neuronal responseFront. Neurosci. (2011) 5:19
abstract, fulltext
Indiveri et al. 2011Indiveri, G., Linares-Barranco, B., Hamilton, T. J., van Schaik, A., Etienne-Cummings, R., Delbruck, T., Liu, S.-C., Dudek, P., Häfliger, P., Renaud, S., Schemmel, J., Cauwenberghs, G., Arthur, J., Hynna, K., Folowosele, F., Saïghi, S., Serrano-Gotarredona, T., Wijekoon, J., Wang, Y. and Boahen, K. Neuromorphic silicon neuron circuitsFront. Neurosci. (2011) 5:73
Kunkel et al. 2011Kunkel, S., Diesmann, M. and Morrison, A.Limits to the Development of Feed-Forward Structures in Large Recurrent Neuronal NetworksFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) 4:160
abstract, fulltext
Kunkel et al. 2011bKunkel, S., Potjans, T.C., Eppler, J.M., Plesser, H.E., Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M.Meeting the memory challenges of brain-scale network simulationFront. Neuroinform. (2011) 5:35
LeCam et al 2011Le Cam, J., Estebanez, L., Jacob, V. and Shulz, D.E.The spatial structure of multi-whisker receptive fields in the barrel cortex is stimulus-dependent.J. Neurophysiol (2011) 106(2):986-98
Lindén et al. 2011Lindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Potjans, T.C., Pettersen, K.H., Grün, S., Diesmann, M. and Einevoll, G.T.Modeling the spatial reach of the LFPNeuron (2011) 72(5): 859-872
Lundqvist et al. 2011aLundqvist, M., Herman, P. and Lansner, A.Theta and gamma power increases and alpha/beta power decreases with memory load in an attractor network modelJ Cogn Neurosci (2011) 23:3008-3020
Markram et al. 2011Markram, H., Gerstner, W. and Sjoestoem, P.J.A history of spike-timing-dependent plasticityFront. Syn. Neurosci. (2011) 3:4
abstract, fulltext
Partzsch 2011Partzsch, J. and Schüffny, R.Analysing the Scaling of Connectivity in Neuromorphic Hardware and in Models of Neural NetworksIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (2011) 22(6):919-935
Pecevski et al. 2011Pecevski, D., Buesing, L. and Maass, W. Probabilistic Inference in General Graphical Models through Sampling in Stochastic Networks of Spiking NeuronsPLoS Comput Biol (2011) 7(12): e1002294
Perdikis Huys Jirsa 2011Perdikis, D., Huys, R., Jirsa, V.K.Time Scale Hierarchies in the Functional Organization of Complex BehaviorsPLoS Comput Biol (2011) 7(9):e1002198
Peyrache et al. 2011Peyrache, A., Battaglia, F. and Destexhe, A. Inhibition recruitment in prefrontal cortex during sleep spindles and gating of hippocampal inputsPNAS (2011) 108(41): 17207-17212
Potjans et al. 2011bPotjans, W., Diesmann, M. and Morrison, A.An Imperfect Dopaminergic Error Signal Can Drive Temporal-Difference LearningPLoS Comput Biol. (2011) 7(5): e1001133
abstract, fulltext
Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2011Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B., Girau, B. and Torres-Huitzil, C. The role of the asymptotic dynamics in the design of FPGA-based hardware implementations of gIF-type neural networksJ. Physiol. Paris, (2011) 105:1-3
fulltext, BibTeX
Scholze et al. 2011Scholze, S., Eisenreich, H., Höppner, S., Ellguth, G., Henker, S., Ander, M., Hänzsche, S., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.A 32 GBit/s communication SoC for a waferscale neuromorphic systemIntegration, the VLSI Journal (Elsevier) (2011) 45(1): 61-75,
Scholze et al. 2011bScholze, S., Schiefer, S., Partzsch, J., Hartmann, S., Mayr, C., Höppner, S., Eisenreich, H., Henker, S., Vogginger, B. and Schüffny, R.VLSI implementation of a 2.8 Gevent/s packet based AER interface with routing and event sorting functionalityFrontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering (2011) 5:117
Silverstein and Lansner 2011Silverstein, D.N. and Lansner, A.Is Attentional Blink a Byproduct of Neocortical Attractors?Front Comput Neurosci. (2011) 5: 13
abstract, fulltext
Stefanescu and Jirsa 2011Stefanescu, R. and Jirsa, V.K.Reduced representations of heterogeneous mixed neural networks with synaptic couplingPhys. Rev. E (2011) 83: 026204
Veltz 2011Veltz, R.An analytical method for computing Hopf bifurcation curves in neural field networks with space-dependent delaysComptes Rendus Mathematique (2011) 349:749-752
fulltext, BibTeX
Veltz and Faugeras 2011Veltz, R. and Faugeras, O.Stability of the stationary solutions of neural field equations with propagation delaysThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:1
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Wagatsuma et al. 2011Wagatsuma, N., Potjans, T.C., Diesmann, M. and Fukai, T.Layer-dependent attentional processing by top-down signals in a visual cortical microcircuit modelFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) 5:31
abstract, fulltext

Book chapter

Bedard and Destexhe in pressBedard, C. and Destexhe, A.Modeling local field potentials and their interaction with the extracellular mediumin: Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement, Edited by Brette, R. and Destexhe, A., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, ISBN:9780521516228

Conference contribution: talk

Davison 2011Davison, A.Using PyNN and NineMLTalk at CNS*2011 Workshop: Emerging standards for network modeling
Denker 2011Denker MChallenges for workflows in complex electrophysiology projectsShort talk at INCF 2011 Datasharing in Electrophysiology Task Force Meeting, Boston

Conference contribution: poster

Benjaminsson and Lansner 2011Benjaminsson, S. and Lansner, A.Extreme Scaling of Brain SimulationsJülich Blue Gene/P Extreme Scaling Workshop 2011, Technical Report FZJ-JSC-IB-2011-02 available from
Bogadhi et al. 2011Bogadhi, A., Montagnini, A. and Masson, G.S.Dynamical interaction between retinal and extra-retinal signals in motion integration for smooth pursuitJournal of Vision (2011) 11(11): article 533
Davison 2011bDavison, A.Collaborative and reproducible simulation and data analysis with SumatraFront. Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: 4th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics
Davison 2011cDavison, A.Automated tracking of scientific computationsAMP 2011: Reproducible Research-Tools and Strategies for Scientific Computing, Vancouver, Canada, July 2011
Dehghani et al. 2011Dehghani, N., Peyrache, A., Eskandar, E., Madsen, J., Anderson, W., Donoghue, J.,
Halgren, E., Destexhe, A. and Cash, S.
Relationship between excitatory and inhibitory neuronal activity and local field potentials during human sleep.Soc Neurosci Abstracts 37: 451.05
Denker et al. 2011aDenker, M., Davison, A., Grün, S. and Diesmann, M. How collaborative projects that involve complicated electrophysiological data sets profit from workflow designPoster at the 4th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics, Boston, USA
Denker et al. 2011bDenker, M., Davison, A., Grün, S. and Diesmann, M. Towards guiding principles in workflow design to facilitate collaborative projects involving massively parallel electrophysiological dataBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P131
Denker et al. 2011dDenker, M., Wirtssohn, S., Brochier, T., Grün, S. and Riehle, A.Mapping the synchronization structure of LFP activity in motor cortexPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T21-9B abstract
Denker et al. 2011eDenker, M., Brochier, T., Grün, S. and Riehle, A.Spatial synchronization structure of field potentials and spikes in a delayed grip taskFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) Conference Abstract: BC11 : Computational Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Bernstein Conference & Neurex Annual Meeting 2011
Djurfeldt 2011Djurfeldt, M.The Connection-set Algebra: a formalism for the representation of connectivity structure in neuronal network models, implementations in Python and C++, and their use in simulatorsBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P80
Eppler et al. 2011Eppler, J.M., Kunkel, S., Plesser, H.E., Gewaltig, M.-O., Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M.NEST: An efficient simulator for spiking neural network modelsPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T27-9B abstract
Eppler et al. 2011bEppler, J.M., Enger, H., Heiberg, T., Kriener, B., Plesser, H.E., Diesmann, M. and Djurfeldt, M.Evaluating the Connection-Set Algebra for the neural simulator NESTPoster at the 4th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics, Boston, USA
Gorchetchnikov et al. 2011Gorchetchnikov, A., Cannon, R., Clewley, R., Cornelis, H., Davison, A., De Schutter, E., Djurfeldt, M., Gleeson, P., Hill, S., Hines, M., Kriener, B., Le Franc, Y., Lo, C.-C., Morrison, A., Muller, E., Plesser, H.E., Raikov, I., Ray, S., Schwabe, L. and Szatmary, B.NineML: declarative, mathematically-explicit descriptions of spiking neuronal networksFront. Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: 4th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics
Helias et al. 2011bHelias, M., Tetzlaff, T. and Diesmann, M.Towards a unified theory of correlations in recurrent neural networksBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P73
Helias et al. 2011cHelias, M., Grytskyy, D., Tetzlaff, T. and Diesmann, M.Model-invariant features of correlations in recurrent networksFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) Conference Abstract: BC11 : Computational Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Bernstein Conference & Neurex Annual Meeting 2011
Lansner 2011Lansner APerceptual and memory functions in a cortexinspired attractor network modelBMC Neuroscience (2011), 12(Suppl 1):K2 abstract
Lindén et al. 2011bLindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Potjans, T.C., Pettersen, K.H., Grün, S., Diesmann, M. and Einevoll, G.T.How local is the local field potential?BMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):O8
Martinez-Garcia et al. 2011aMartinez-Garcia, M., Rolls, E., Deco, G. and Romo, R.Computational mechanisms of postponed decisionsPoster at the CNS Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2011
Martinez-Garcia et al. 2011bMartinez-Garcia, M., Insabato, A., Pardo-Vazquez, J.L., Acuña, C. and Deco, G.Neural correlates of confidence in decision-makingPoster at the ICON Congress, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 2011
Morrison et al. 2011Morrison, A., Denker, M., Wiebelt, B., Fliegner, D. and Diesmann, M.New possibilities for advanced analysis methods in neuroscience through modern approaches to trivial parallel data processingPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T27-11B abstract
Peyrache et al. 2011bPeyrache, A., Dehghani, N., Eskandar, E., Madsen, J., Anderson, W., Donoghue, J., Halgren, E., Cash, S.S. and Destexhe, A.Spatio-temporal dynamics of neocortical excitation and inhibition during human sleep.Soc Neurosci Abstracts 36: 451.06
Plesser et al. 2011Plesser, H.E., Crook, S. and Davison, A.P.Reproducible models and reliable simulations: Current trends in computational neuroscienceSIAM Computational Science and Engineering 2011, Reno, Nevada, February 2011
Potjans and Diesmann 2011bPotjans, T.C. and Diesmann, M.Robustness vs. flexibility: how do external inputs shape the activity in a data-based layered cortical network model?BMC Neuroscience (2011) 12(Suppl 1):74
Potjans et al. 2011Potjans, T.C., Kunkel, S., Morrison, A., Plesser, H.E. and Diesmann, M.Beyond local cortical network modeling: linking microscopic and macroscopic connectivity in brainscale simulationsPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T26-6A abstract
Raikov et al. 2011Raikov, I., Cannon, R., Clewley, R., Cornelis, H., Davison, A., De Schutter, E., Djurfeldt, M., Gleeson, P., Gorchetchnikov, A., Plesser, H.E., Hill, S., Hines, M., Kriener, B., Le Franc, Y., Lo, C.-C., Morrison, A., Muller, E., Ray, S., Schwabe, L. and Szatmary, B. NineML: the network interchange for neuroscience modeling languageBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P330
schiefer11Schiefer, S., Hartmann, S., Scholze, S., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C., Henker, S. and Schüffny, R.Live Demonstration: Packet-Based AER with 3 GEvent/s Cumulative ThroughputIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2011, p. 1988
Schmucker et al. 2011Schmuker, M., Brüderle, D., Schrader, S. and Nawrot, M.Ten thousand times faster: Classifying multidimensional data on a spiking neuromorphic hardware system. Poster presented at BC11 - Bernstein Conference 2011 Computational Neuroscience / Neurotechnology and Neurex Annual Meeting, 04 October 2011
Schultze-Kraft et al. 2011Schultze-Kraft, M., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Helias, M.Correlation transmission of spiking neurons is boosted by synchronous inputBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P144
thanasoulis11Thanasoulis, V. and Hartmann, S. and Ehrlich, M. and Partzsch, J. and Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.Long-Term Pulse Stimulation and Recording in an Accelerated Neuromorphic SystemDresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs und Systementwurf (DASS 2011), p. 72-77
Wagatsuma et al. 2011bWagatsuma, N., Potjans, T.C., Diesmann, M. and Fukai, T.Layer dependent neural modulation of a realistic layered-microcircuit model in visual cortex based on bottom-up and top-down signalsBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P114
Wirtssohn et al. 2011Wirtssohn, S., Brochier, T., Denker, M., Grün, S. and Riehle, A.Mapping the spatial structure of LFP activity in motor cortexPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T21-8B abstract

PhD Thesis

Arduin 2011Arduin, P.-J.Operant conditionning of neurons in the rat motor cortex for a graded control of a prosthetic devicePh. D. thesis (2011)
Estebanez 2011Estebanez, L.Cracterization of sensory processings in the barrel cortex of the anesthetized ratPh. D. thesis (2011)
Galtier 2011Mathieu GaltierA mathematical approach to unsupervised learning in recurrent neural networksPhD thesis fulltext, BibTeX
Naud 2011Naud RichardThe Dynamics of Adapting NeuronsEPFL PhD Thesis fulltext
Veltz 2011bRomain VeltzNonlinear analysis methods in neural field modelsPhD, Univ Paris Est ED MSTIC abstract, BibTeX

Master/Diploma Thesis

Bytschok 2011Bytschok, I.From Shared Input to correlated Neuron Dynamics: Development of a Predictive FrameworkDiploma thesis (2011) abstract, fulltext
Kononov 2011Kononov, A.Testing of an Analog Neuromorphic Network ChipDiploma thesis (2011) abstract, fulltext
Kuruvilla 2011Kuruvilla, R. Entwicklung und Aufbau einer anwenderfreundlichen Hardwareumgebung für ein neuromorphes Chipsystem (in German)Diploma thesis (2011) abstract, fulltext
Zerlaut 2011Zerlaut, Y.Transfer Functions of Neurons and Macroscopic Modelling of Network StatesMaster Thesis (2011)

Bachelor Thesis

Probst 2011Probst, D.Analysis of the Liquid Computing Paradigm on a Neuromorphic Hardware SystemDiploma thesis (2011) abstract, fulltext

Web publication

Benjaminsson et al. 2011Benjaminsson, S., Silverstein, D., Herman, P., Melis, P., Slavnic, V., Spasojevic, M., Alexiev, K. and Lansner, A.Visualization of output from Large-Scale Brain SimulationsPartnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), Project ID: PRPC06 fulltext
Potjans and Diesmann 2011Potjans, T.C. and Diesmann, M.The cell-type specific connectivity of the local cortical network explains prominent features of neuronal activityarXiv:1106.5678v1 [q-bio.NC] 28 Jun 2011 abstract

Newspaper article

Marshall, M.Brain-like chip outstrips normal computers New Scientist magazine - 24 November 2012 (2012) 2892 fulltext
Walpot, M.Computerwissenschaft: Wenn das Gehirn wuerfeltDiePresse.COM / Die Presse am Sonntag, 19 Nov 2011 (online) and 20 Nov 2011 (print) fulltext

Press release

Computer suchen ihre Nachfolger (German language joint press release JUELICH and UHEI)Juelich website, September 2011 fulltext


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