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Zenke and Gerstner 2014Zenke, F. and Gerstner, W.Limits to high-speed simulations of spiking neural networks using general-purpose computersFront. Neuroinform. (2014) 8:76
Zenke et al. 2013Zenke, F., Hennequin, G. and Gerstner, W.Synaptic Plasticity in Neural Networks Needs Homeostasis with a Fast Rate DetectorPLoS Comput Biol (2013) 9(11): e1003330
Zenke et al. 2015Zenke, F., Agnes, E.J. and Gerstner, W.Diverse synaptic plasticity mechanisms orchestrated to form and retrieve memories in spiking neural networksNature Communications (2015) 6: 6922
Ziegler et al. 2015Ziegler, L., Zenke, F., Kastner, D.B. and Gerstner, W.Synaptic Consolidation: From Synapses to Behavioral ModelingThe Journal of Neuroscience (2015) 35(3): 1319-1334
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26 August 2016