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2 publication entries, 2 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.

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El Boustani et al. 2012El Boustani, S., Yger, P., Frégnac, Y. and Destexhe, A.Stable Learning in Stochastic Network StatesThe Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32(1): 194-214
Garcia et al. 2014Garcia, S., Guarino, D., Jaillet, F., Jennings, T.R., Pröpper, R., Rautenberg, P.L., Rodgers, C., Sobolev, A., Wachtler, T., Yger, P. and Davison, A.P.Neo: an object model for handling electrophysiology data in multiple formatsFront. Neuroinform. (2014) 8:10
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26 August 2016