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2 publication entries, 2 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.

Paper (reviewed)

Schultze-Kraft et al. 2013Schultze-Kraft, M., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Helias, M.Noise Suppression and Surplus Synchrony by Coincidence DetectionPLoS Comput Biol. (2013) 9(4):e1002904

Conference contribution: poster

Schultze-Kraft et al. 2011Schultze-Kraft, M., Diesmann, M., Grün, S. and Helias, M.Correlation transmission of spiking neurons is boosted by synchronous inputBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P144


26 August 2016