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Paper (reviewed)

Pfeil et al. 2012Pfeil, T., Grübl, A., Jeltsch, S., Müller, E., Müller, P., Petrovici, M., Schmuker, M., Brüderle, D., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. Six networks on a universal neuromorphic computing substrateFront. Neurosci. (2013) 7:11
Schmuker et al. 2014Schmuker, M., Pfeil, T. and Nawrot, M. P. A neuromorphic network for generic multivariate data classificationPNAS (2014) 111(6): 2081-2086
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Conference contribution: poster

Schmucker et al. 2011Schmuker, M., Brüderle, D., Schrader, S. and Nawrot, M.Ten thousand times faster: Classifying multidimensional data on a spiking neuromorphic hardware system. Poster presented at BC11 - Bernstein Conference 2011 Computational Neuroscience / Neurotechnology and Neurex Annual Meeting, 04 October 2011


26 August 2016