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Pooresmaeili et al. 2014Pooresmaeili, A., Poort, and Roelfsema, P.R.Simultaneous selection by object-based attention in visual and frontal cortexPNAS (2014) 111(17): 6467-6472
Poort et al. 2012Poort, J., Raudies, F., Wannig, A., Lamme, V.A.F., Neumann, H. and Roelfsema, P.R.The role of attention in figure-ground segregation in areas V1 and V4 of the visual cortex.Neuron (2012) 75: 143-156
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Rombouts et al. 2015Rombouts, J.O., Bohte, S.M. and Roelfsema, P.R.How Attention Can Create Synaptic Tags for the Learning of Working Memories in Sequential TasksPLoS Comput Biol (2015) 11(3): e1004060
Self et al. 2013Self, M.W., van Kerkoerle, T., Supèr, H. & Roelfsema, P.R. Distinct roles of the cortical layers of area V1 in figure-ground segregationCurr. Biol. (2013) 23: 2121-2129
Self et al. 2014Self, M.W., Lorteije, J.A.M., Vangeneugden, J., van Beest, E.H., Grigore, M.E., Levelt, C., Heimel, J.A. and Roelfsema, P.R.Orientation-Tuned Surround Suppression in Mouse Visual CortexThe Journal of Neuroscience (2014) 34(28): 9290-9304
van Kerkoerle et al. 2014van Kerkoerle, T., Self, M.W., Dagnino, B., Gariel-Mathis, M.-A., Poort, J., van der Togt, C. and Roelfsema, P.R.Alpha and gamma oscillations characterize feedback and feedforward processing in monkey visual cortexPNAS (2014) 111(40): 14332-14341
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26 August 2016