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Paper (reviewed)

Milekovic et al. 2015Milekovic, T., Truccolo, W., Grün, S., Riehle, A. and Brochier, T.Local field potentials in primate motor cortex encode grasp kinetic parametersNeuroimage (2015) 114: 338-355
Riehle et al. 2013Riehle, A., Wirtssohn, S., Grün, S. and Brochier, T. Mapping the spatio-temporal structure of motor cortical LFP and spiking activities during reach-to-grasp movementsFront. Neural Circuits (2013) 7:48

Conference contribution: talk

Denker et al. 2012bDenker, M., Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Grün, S., Riehle, A.
Comparing the spatio-temporal organization of joint spiking and local field potential oscillations in motor cortex
Twenty First Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS*2012, Decatur, GA, USA; BMC Neuroscience 2012, 13(Suppl 1):P127

Conference contribution: poster

Denker et al. 2012cDenker, M., Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Grün, S., Riehle, A.
Spatial organization of synchronized activity expressed by joint spiking and local field potentials in motor cortex
8th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience 2012, Barcelona, Spain
Zehl et al. 2012Zehl, L., Brochier, T., Riehle, A., Grün, S., Denker, M.
Spatial organization of beta-band local field potential oscillations during delayed reach to grasp movements
3rd Workshop of the GDR 2904 'Multielectrode systems', Marseille, France (2012)
Zehl et al. 2013Zehl, L. ; Brochier, T. ; Riehle, A. ; Grün, S. ; Denker, M.
Spatio-temporal organization of local field potential oscillations in the monkey motor cortex
10th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, NWG2013, Göttingen, Germany, 03/13/2013 - 03/16/2013


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