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Kunkel et al. 2011bKunkel, S., Potjans, T.C., Eppler, J.M., Plesser, H.E., Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M.Meeting the memory challenges of brain-scale network simulationFront. Neuroinform. (2011) 5:35
Lindén et al. 2011Lindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Potjans, T.C., Pettersen, K.H., Grün, S., Diesmann, M. and Einevoll, G.T.Modeling the spatial reach of the LFPNeuron (2011) 72(5): 859-872
Wagatsuma et al. 2011Wagatsuma, N., Potjans, T.C., Diesmann, M. and Fukai, T.Layer-dependent attentional processing by top-down signals in a visual cortical microcircuit modelFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2011) 5:31
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Conference contribution: poster

Lindén et al. 2011bLindén, H., Tetzlaff, T., Potjans, T.C., Pettersen, K.H., Grün, S., Diesmann, M. and Einevoll, G.T.How local is the local field potential?BMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):O8
Potjans and Diesmann 2011bPotjans, T.C. and Diesmann, M.Robustness vs. flexibility: how do external inputs shape the activity in a data-based layered cortical network model?BMC Neuroscience (2011) 12(Suppl 1):74
Potjans et al. 2011Potjans, T.C., Kunkel, S., Morrison, A., Plesser, H.E. and Diesmann, M.Beyond local cortical network modeling: linking microscopic and macroscopic connectivity in brainscale simulationsPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T26-6A abstract
Wagatsuma et al. 2011bWagatsuma, N., Potjans, T.C., Diesmann, M. and Fukai, T.Layer dependent neural modulation of a realistic layered-microcircuit model in visual cortex based on bottom-up and top-down signalsBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P114

Web publication

Potjans and Diesmann 2011Potjans, T.C. and Diesmann, M.The cell-type specific connectivity of the local cortical network explains prominent features of neuronal activityarXiv:1106.5678v1 [q-bio.NC] 28 Jun 2011 abstract


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