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Brüderle et al. 2011Brüderle, D., Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Ehrlich, M., Pfeil, T., Millner, S., Grübl, A., Wendt, K., Müller, E., Schwartz, M.-O., de Oliveira, D. H., Jeltsch, S., Fieres, J., Schilling, M., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Petkov, V., Muller, L., Davison, A. P., Krishnamurthy, P., Kremkow, J., Lundqvist, M., Muller, E., Partzsch, J., Scholze, S., Zühl, L., Mayr, C., Destexhe, A., Diesmann, M., Potjans, T. C., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systemsBiological Cybernetics (2011) 104(4-5): 263-296
abstract, fulltext
Muller and Destexhe 2012Muller, L. and Destexhe, A. Propagating waves in thalamus, cortex and the thalamocortical system: Experiments and modelsJournal of Physiology-Paris (2012) 106 (5-6): 222-238
Muller et al. 2014Muller, L.E., Reynaud, A., Chavane, F. and Destexhe, A.The stimulus-evoked population response in visual cortex of awake monkey is a propagating waveNature Communications (2014) 5: 3675
Muller et al. 2014bMuller, L.E., Destexhe, A. and Rudolph-Lilith, M.Brain networks: small-worlds, after all?New Journal of Physics (2014) 16: 105004
abstract, fulltext
Petrovici et al. 2014Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Lundqvist, M., Muller, L., Ehrlich, M., Destexhe, A., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. Characterization and Compensation of Network-Level Anomalies in Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Modeling PlatformsPLoS ONE (2014) 9(10): e108590
Rudolph-Lilith and Muller 2014Rudolph-Lilith, M. and Muller, L. E. On a representation of the Verhulst logistic mapDiscrete Mathematics (2014) 324: 19-27
Rudolph-Lilith and Muller 2014bRudolph-Lilith, M. and Muller, L. E. Algebraic approach to small-world network modelsPhys. Rev. E (2014) 89: 012812
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