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Baudot et al. 2013Baudot, P., Levy, M., Marre, O., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Animation of natural scene by virtual eye-movements evokes high precision and low noise in V1 neuronsFront. Neural Circuits (2013) 7:206
Fournier et al. 2011Fournier, J., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Adaptation of the simple or complex nature of V1 receptive fields to visual statisticsNature Neuroscience (2011) 14: 1053-1060
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Fournier et al. 2014Fournier, J., Monier, C., Levy, M., Marre, O., Sári, K., Kisvárday Z.F. and Frégnac, Y.Hidden Complexity of Synaptic Receptive Fields in Cat V1The Journal of Neuroscience (2014) 34(16): 5515-5528
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Conference contribution: talk

Monier and Fregnac 2012Monier, C. and Frégnac, Y.Multiscale study of the reliability of visually evoked cortical dynamics and its dependency on input statisticsInternational Symposium on Sensory Coding and Natural Environment 2012, IST, Vienna, Austria (Invited)

Conference contribution: poster

Davison et al. 2013bDavison, A.P., Brizzi, T., Guarino, D., Manette, O.F., Monier, C., Sadoc, G. and Frégnac, Y.Helmholtz: a customizable framework for neurophysiology data management Neuroinformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, 27 Aug - 29 Aug, (2013)
Uddin et al. 2013Uddin, T., Monier, C., Fregnac, Y. and Kisvarday, Z. Input-output constellation of neurons at pinwheel-centers in cat primary visual cortexPoster Presented at the XIV Annual Conference of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society, Budapest, HU (2013) abstract


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