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Paper (reviewed)

Faugeras, O. and MacLaurin, J.
Asymptotic Description of Neural Networks with Correlated Synaptic WeightsEntropy (2015) 17(7): 4701-4743
Faugeras and Maclaurin 2014aFaugeras, O. and Maclaurin, J. Asymptotic description of stochastic neural networks. I. Existence of a large deviation principleComptes Rendus Mathematique (2014) 352(10): 841-846
Faugeras and MacLaurin 2014cFaugeras, O. and MacLaurin, J.A Large Deviation Principle and an Expression of the Rate Function for a Discrete Stationary Gaussian ProcessEntropy (2014) 16(12): 6722-6738
Faugeras and Maclaurin 2014dFaugeras, O. and MacLaurin, J.A Representation of the Relative Entropy with Respect to a Diffusion Process in Terms of Its Infinitesimal GeneratorEntropy (2014) 16(12): 6705-6721

Web publication

Faugeras and MacLaurin 2013Faugeras, O. and MacLaurin, J.A large deviation principle for networks of rate neurons with correlated synaptic weightsTechnical Report, INRIA, also on arXiv: fulltext, BibTeX


26 August 2016