Publications of Lundqvist M, Herman P

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Paper (reviewed)

Lundqvist et al. 2013aLundqvist M, Herman P, Palva M, Palva S, Silverstein D, and LansnerStimulus detection rate and latency, firing rates and 1-40 Hz oscillatory power are modulated by infra-slow fluctuations in a bistable attractor network modelNeuroimage (2013) 83:458-471.
Lundqvist et al. 2013cLundqvist M, Herman P, Lansner AEffect of Prestimulus Alpha Power, Phase, and Synchronization on Stimulus Detection Rates in a Biophysical Attractor Network ModelJ Neurosci (2013) 33: 11817-11824

Book chapter

Lundqvist et al. 2013bLundqvist M, Herman P, Lansner AAttractor Hypothesis of Associative Cortex : Insights from a Biophysically Detailed Network ModelIn: Signorelli F, Chirchiglia D, editors. Functional Brain Mapping and the Endeavor to Understand the Working Brain. InTech (2013). pp. 156-179


26 August 2016