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Adhikari et al. 2012Adhikari, M.H., Quilichini, P.P., Roy, D., Jirsa, V.K. and Bernard, C. Brain State Dependent Postinhibitory Rebound in Entorhinal Cortex InterneuronsJ Neurosci. (2012) 32(19):6501-6510
abstract, (fulltext)
Deco at al. 2014bDeco, G., McIntosh, A.R., Shen, K., Hutchison, R.M., Menon, R.S., Everling, S., Hagmann, P. and Jirsa, V.K.Identification of Optimal Structural Connectivity Using Functional Connectivity and Neural ModelingThe Journal of Neuroscience (2014) 34(23): 7910-7916
Deco et al. 2012Deco, G., Senden, M. and Jirsa, V.K.How anatomy shapes dynamics: a semi-analytical study of the brain at rest by a simple spin modelFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2012) :
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Hansen et al. 2015Hansen, E.C.A, Battaglia, D., Spiegler, A., Deco, G. and Jirsa, V.K.Functional connectivity dynamics: Modeling the switching behavior of the resting stateNeuroImage (2015) 105: 525-535
Huys et al. 2014Huys, R., Perdikis, D. and Jirsa, V.K.Functional architectures and structured flows on manifolds: a dynamical framework for motor behaviorPsychol Rev. (2014) 121(3):302-336
Perdikis Huys Jirsa 2011Perdikis, D., Huys, R., Jirsa, V.K.Time Scale Hierarchies in the Functional Organization of Complex BehaviorsPLoS Comput Biol (2011) 7(9):e1002198
Pinotsis et al. 2013Pinotsis, D.A., Hansen, E., Friston, K.J. and Jirsa, V.K.Anatomical connectivity and the resting state activity of large cortical networksNeuroimage (2013) 65:127-38
abstract, (fulltext)
Stefanescu and Jirsa 2011Stefanescu, R. and Jirsa, V.K.Reduced representations of heterogeneous mixed neural networks with synaptic couplingPhys. Rev. E (2011) 83: 026204


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