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Paper (reviewed)

Lundqvist et al. 2011aLundqvist, M., Herman, P. and Lansner, A.Theta and gamma power increases and alpha/beta power decreases with memory load in an attractor network modelJ Cogn Neurosci (2011) 23:3008-3020
Lundqvist et al. 2012Lundqvist, M., Herman, P. and Lansner, A.Variability of spike firing during theta-coupled replay of memories in a simulated attractor networkBrain Res (2012) 1434:152-161

Web publication

Benjaminsson et al. 2011Benjaminsson, S., Silverstein, D., Herman, P., Melis, P., Slavnic, V., Spasojevic, M., Alexiev, K. and Lansner, A.Visualization of output from Large-Scale Brain SimulationsPartnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), Project ID: PRPC06 fulltext


26 August 2016