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4 publication entries, 3 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.

Paper (reviewed)

Henker et al. 2012Henker, S., Partzsch, J. and Schüffny, R.Accuracy evaluation of numerical methods used in state-of-the-art simulators for spiking neural networksJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2012) 32(2): 309-326
Scholze et al. 2011Scholze, S., Eisenreich, H., Höppner, S., Ellguth, G., Henker, S., Ander, M., Hänzsche, S., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.A 32 GBit/s communication SoC for a waferscale neuromorphic systemIntegration, the VLSI Journal (Elsevier) (2011) 45(1): 61-75,
Scholze et al. 2011bScholze, S., Schiefer, S., Partzsch, J., Hartmann, S., Mayr, C., Höppner, S., Eisenreich, H., Henker, S., Vogginger, B. and Schüffny, R.VLSI implementation of a 2.8 Gevent/s packet based AER interface with routing and event sorting functionalityFrontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering (2011) 5:117

Conference contribution: poster

schiefer11Schiefer, S., Hartmann, S., Scholze, S., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C., Henker, S. and Schüffny, R.Live Demonstration: Packet-Based AER with 3 GEvent/s Cumulative ThroughputIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2011, p. 1988


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