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Arduin et al. 2013Arduin, P.-J., Fregnac, Y., Shulz, D. E. and Ego-Stengel, V. "Master" Neurons Induced by Operant Conditioning in Rat Motor Cortex during a Brain-Machine Interface TaskThe Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(19): 8308-8320
Baudot et al. 2013Baudot, P., Levy, M., Marre, O., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Animation of natural scene by virtual eye-movements evokes high precision and low noise in V1 neuronsFront. Neural Circuits (2013) 7:206
Behuret et al. 2013Behuret, S., Deleuze, C., Gomez, L., Fregnac, Y. and Bal, T. Cortically-Controlled Population Stochastic Facilitation as a Plausible Substrate for Guiding Sensory Transfer across the Thalamic GatewayPLoS Comput Biol (2013) 9(12): e1003401
Fournier et al. 2011Fournier, J., Monier, C., Pananceau, M. and Fregnac, Y. Adaptation of the simple or complex nature of V1 receptive fields to visual statisticsNature Neuroscience (2011) 14: 1053-1060
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Conference contribution: talk

Fregnac 2013Fregnac, Y.Central neurobiological issues in Neuromorphic computation : Noise and PlasticityCapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Sardinia (2013) Invited speaker
Fregnac 2013bFregnac, Y.Searching for a fit between the "silent" surround of V1 receptive fields and eye-movementsSymposium: Active Perception: The synergy between perception and action (2013), Organizer: Michele Rucci and Eli Brenner, Boston University and VU University abstract
Fregnac 2013cFregnac, Y.Multiscale complexity in the visual cortical receptive field. In International Symposium "Visual Processing Beyond the Classical Receptive Field", Re-He Palace, Chengde city, China. Invited Keynote Conference
Fregnac 2013dFregnac, Y.Synaptic echoes of low-level perception UESTC (2013), Chengdu, China. Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013eFregnac, Y.Visions de l'Intérieur : quand l'oeuvre d'art « résonne « avec l'architecture perceptive du Cerveau. In. Le geste du peintre : matériaux, perception, émotion. Journée d'étude du LAMS. Orgs. P. Walter and JP Changeux. Paris (2013). Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013fFregnac, Y.Reconstructing low-level perception from synaptic echoes in V1. In: 4th European Visual Cortex Meeting (2013). St Cross Castle, Sr Kriz Zacretje, Croatie. Invited Conference.
Fregnac 2013gFregnac, Y.Propagation Belief in Visual cortical networks : a possible neural implementation of Gestalt laws. In "Neuroscience of Cognition, Computation and Decisions" Virginia Tech, Riva San Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland (2013). Invited Conference.

Conference contribution: poster

Uddin et al. 2013Uddin, T., Monier, C., Fregnac, Y. and Kisvarday, Z. Input-output constellation of neurons at pinwheel-centers in cat primary visual cortexPoster Presented at the XIV Annual Conference of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society, Budapest, HU (2013) abstract


Fregnac 2013hFregnac, Y.Les enjeux de la modélisation du cerveau: des neurosciences cognitives aux calculateurs inspirés du vivant.Invites conférence Grand Public dans le cadre des Découvrades Toulouse (2013)


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