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Paper (reviewed)

Baladron et al. 2012Baladron, J., Fasoli, D. and Faugeras, O.Three applications of gpu computing in neuroscienceComputing in Science and Engineering (2012) 14(3):40-47
Baladron et al. 2012bBaladron, J., Fasoli, D.,Faugeras, O. and Touboul, J.Mean-field description and propagation of chaos in networks of Hodgkin-Huxley neuronsJournal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2012) 2:10
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PhD Thesis

Fasoli 2013Fasoli, D.Traiter le cerveau avec les neurosciences : théorie de champ-moyen, effets de taille finie et capacité de codage des réseaux de neurones stochastiquesPhD Thesis, Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis (2013) abstract, fulltext


26 August 2016