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Paper (reviewed)

Brüderle et al. 2011Brüderle, D., Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Ehrlich, M., Pfeil, T., Millner, S., Grübl, A., Wendt, K., Müller, E., Schwartz, M.-O., de Oliveira, D. H., Jeltsch, S., Fieres, J., Schilling, M., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Petkov, V., Muller, L., Davison, A. P., Krishnamurthy, P., Kremkow, J., Lundqvist, M., Muller, E., Partzsch, J., Scholze, S., Zühl, L., Mayr, C., Destexhe, A., Diesmann, M., Potjans, T. C., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systemsBiological Cybernetics (2011) 104(4-5): 263-296
abstract, fulltext
Ehrlich and Schüffny 2013Ehrlich, M., Schüffny, R.Neural Schematics as a unified formal graphical representation of large-scale Neural Network StructuresFrontiers in Neuroinformatics (2013) 7:22
Petrovici et al. 2014Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Lundqvist, M., Muller, L., Ehrlich, M., Destexhe, A., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. Characterization and Compensation of Network-Level Anomalies in Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Modeling PlatformsPLoS ONE (2014) 9(10): e108590

Conference contribution: poster

thanasoulis11Thanasoulis, V. and Hartmann, S. and Ehrlich, M. and Partzsch, J. and Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.Long-Term Pulse Stimulation and Recording in an Accelerated Neuromorphic SystemDresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs und Systementwurf (DASS 2011), p. 72-77


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