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Paper (reviewed)

Deger et al. 2012Deger, M., Helias, M., Rotter, S. and Diesmann, M. Spike-Timing Dependence of Structural Plasticity Explains Cooperative Synapse Formation in the NeocortexPLoS Comput Biol (2012) 8(9): e1002689
Helias et al. 2011Helias, M., Deger, M., Rotter, S. and Diesmann, M.Finite post synaptic potentials cause a fast neuronal responseFront. Neurosci. (2011) 5:19
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Conference contribution: poster

Setareh et al. 2014Setareh, Hesam; Deger, Moritz; Gerstner, WulframThe role of interconnected hub neurons in cortical dynamicsCNS 2014, Quebec City, Canada, July 26-31, 2014 fulltext


26 August 2016