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10 publication entries, 7 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.
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Paper (reviewed)

Antolik and Davison 2013Antolik, J. and Davison, A.P.Integrated workflows for spiking neuronal network simulationsFront. Neuroinform. (2013) 7:34
Djurfeldt et al. 2014Djurfeldt, M., Davison, A.P. and Eppler, J.M. Efficient generation of connectivity in neuronal networks from simulator-independent descriptionsFront. Neuroinform. (2014) 8:43
Garcia et al. 2014Garcia, S., Guarino, D., Jaillet, F., Jennings, T.R., Pröpper, R., Rautenberg, P.L., Rodgers, C., Sobolev, A., Wachtler, T., Yger, P. and Davison, A.P.Neo: an object model for handling electrophysiology data in multiple formatsFront. Neuroinform. (2014) 8:10
abstract, fulltext
Vella et al. 2014Vella, M., Cannon, R.C., Crook, S., Davison, A.P., Ganapathy, G., Robinson, H.P.C., Silver, R.A. and Gleeson, P.libNeuroML and PyLEMS: using Python to combine procedural and declarative modelling approaches in computational neuroscienceFrontiers in Neuroinformatics (2014) 8: 38

Book chapter

Davison et al. 2014Davison, A.P., Mattioni, M., Samarkanov, D. and Telenczuk, B.Sumatra: A Toolkit for Reproducible ResearchIn: Implementing Reproducible Research (2014), edited by V. Stodden, F. Leisch and R.D. Peng, Chapman & Hall/CRC: Boca Raton, Florida., pp. 57-79 abstract

Conference contribution: poster

Antolik and Davison 2013bAntolik, J. and Davison, A.P.Mozaik: a framework for model construction, simulation, data analysis and visualization for large-scale spiking neural circuit modelsNeuroinformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, August (2013)
Davison et al. 2013Davison, A.P., Djurfeldt, M., Eppler, J.M., Gleeson, P., Hull, M. and Muller, E.B.An integration layer for neural simulation: PyNN in the software forestNeuroinformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, August (2013).
Davison et al. 2013bDavison, A.P., Brizzi, T., Guarino, D., Manette, O.F., Monier, C., Sadoc, G. and Frégnac, Y.Helmholtz: a customizable framework for neurophysiology data management Neuroinformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, 27 Aug - 29 Aug, (2013)
Plesser et al. 2011Plesser, H.E., Crook, S. and Davison, A.P.Reproducible models and reliable simulations: Current trends in computational neuroscienceSIAM Computational Science and Engineering 2011, Reno, Nevada, February 2011
Teeters et al. 2013Teeters, J.L., Benda, J., Davison, A.P., Eglen, S., Gerhard, S., Gerkin, R.C., Grewe, J., Harris, K., Jackson, T., Moucek, R., Pröpper, R., Sessions, H.L., Smith, L.S., Sobolev, A., Sommer, F.T., Stoewer, A. and Wachtler, T. Considerations for developing a standard for storing electrophysiology data in HDF5Neuroinformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, 27 Aug - 29 Aug, (2013)


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