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Paper (reviewed)

Vella et al. 2014Vella, M., Cannon, R.C., Crook, S., Davison, A.P., Ganapathy, G., Robinson, H.P.C., Silver, R.A. and Gleeson, P.libNeuroML and PyLEMS: using Python to combine procedural and declarative modelling approaches in computational neuroscienceFrontiers in Neuroinformatics (2014) 8: 38


Crook et al. 2012Crook, S. M., Bednar, J. A., Berger, S., Cannon, R., Davison, A. P., Djurfeldt, M., Eppler, J., Kriener, B., Furber, S., Graham, B., Plesser, H. E., Schwabe, L., Smith, L., Steuber, V. and van Albada, S.Creating, documenting and sharing network modelsNetwork: Computation in Neural Systems (2012) 23(4): 131-149
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Conference contribution: poster

Plesser et al. 2011Plesser, H.E., Crook, S. and Davison, A.P.Reproducible models and reliable simulations: Current trends in computational neuroscienceSIAM Computational Science and Engineering 2011, Reno, Nevada, February 2011


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