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Chossat et al. 2011Chossat, P., Faye, G., Faugeras, O.Bifurcations of hyperbolic planforms Journal of Nonlinear Science (2011) 21(4): 465-498
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Faye and Chossat 2012Faye, G. and Chossat, P.Bifurcation Diagrams and Heteroclinic Networks of Octagonal H-PlanformsJournal of Nonlinear Science (2012) 22(3): 277-325
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Faye and Chossat 2013Faye, G. and Chossat, P.A spatialized model of textures perception using structure tensor formalismAIMS Journal on Networks and Heterogeneous Media (2013) 8(1): 211-260
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Faye et al. 2011Faye, G., Chossat, P. and Faugeras, O.Analysis of a hyperbolic geometric model for visual texture perceptionThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:4
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Faye et al. 2012Faye, G., Rankin, J and Chossat, P.Localized states in an unbounded neural field equation with smooth firing rate function: a multi-parameter analysisJournal of Mathematical Biology (2012) :
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26 August 2016