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Cessac 2011Cessac, B.Statistics of spike trains in conductance-based neural networks: Rigorous resultsThe Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:1-42
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Cessac and Cofre 2013Cessac, B. and Cofre, R.Spike train statistics and Gibbs distributionsJournal of Physiology-Paris (2013) 107(5): 360-368
Cofré and Cessac 2012Cofré, R. and Cessac, B.Dynamics and spike trains statistics in conductance-based Integrate-and-Fire neural networks with chemical and electric synapsesChaos, Solitons & Fractals (2013) 50: 13-31
Nasser et al. 2012Nasser, H., Marre, O. and Cessac, B. Spatio-temporal spike trains analysis for large scale networks using maximum entropy principle and Monte-Carlo methodJournal of Statistical Mechanics (2013) : P03006
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Naude et al. 2013Naude, J., Cessac, B., Berry, H. and Delord, B. Effects of Cellular Homeostatic Intrinsic Plasticity on Dynamical and Computational Properties of Biological Recurrent Neural Networks The Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(38):15032-15043
Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2011Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B., Girau, B. and Torres-Huitzil, C. The role of the asymptotic dynamics in the design of FPGA-based hardware implementations of gIF-type neural networksJ. Physiol. Paris, (2011) 105:1-3
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Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2012Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B. and Viéville, T.Parameters estimation in spiking neural networks: a reverse-engineering approachJ. Neural. Eng. (2012) 9: 026024
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Vasquez et al. 2012Vasquez, J.-C., Palacios, A., Marre, O., Berry II, M. J. and Cessac, B.Gibbs distribution analysis of temporal correlations structure in retina ganglion cellsJ. Physiol. Paris (2012) 106(4):120-127
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Book chapter

Cessac and Palacios 2012Cessac, B. and Palacios, A.Spike train statistics from empirical facts to theory: the case of the retinaModeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor, Springer-Verlag (2012) fulltext, BibTeX


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