Publications of Schueffny, R

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2 publication entries, 2 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.

Conference contribution: talk

Rast et al. 2013Rast, A., Partzsch, J., Mayr, C., Schemmel, J., Hartmann, S., Plana, L., Temple, S., Lester, D., Schueffny, R., Furber, S.A Location-Independent Direct Link Neuromorphic InterfaceInternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks (2013)

Conference contribution: poster

Partzsch et al. 2013Partzsch, J., Mayr, C., Vogginger, B., Schueffny, R., Rast, A., Plana, L., Furber, S.Live Demonstration: Ethernet Communication Linking Two Large-Scale Neuromorphic SystemsEuropean Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (2013)


26 August 2016