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Dagnino et al. 2015Dagnino, B., Gariel-Mathis, M.-A. and Roelfsema, P. R. Microstimulation of area V4 has little effect on spatial attention and on the perception of phosphenes evoked in area V1Journal of Neurophysiology (2015) 113(3): 730-739
van Kerkoerle et al. 2014van Kerkoerle, T., Self, M.W., Dagnino, B., Gariel-Mathis, M.-A., Poort, J., van der Togt, C. and Roelfsema, P.R.Alpha and gamma oscillations characterize feedback and feedforward processing in monkey visual cortexPNAS (2014) 111(40): 14332-14341
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26 August 2016