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24 publication entries, 12 of them (printed in bold in the list) acknowledge the project support.
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Arduin et al. 2013Arduin, P.-J., Fregnac, Y., Shulz, D. E. and Ego-Stengel, V. "Master" Neurons Induced by Operant Conditioning in Rat Motor Cortex during a Brain-Machine Interface TaskThe Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(19): 8308-8320
Baladron et al. 2012Baladron, J., Fasoli, D. and Faugeras, O.Three applications of gpu computing in neuroscienceComputing in Science and Engineering (2012) 14(3):40-47
Brüderle et al. 2011Brüderle, D., Petrovici, M. A., Vogginger, B., Ehrlich, M., Pfeil, T., Millner, S., Grübl, A., Wendt, K., Müller, E., Schwartz, M.-O., de Oliveira, D. H., Jeltsch, S., Fieres, J., Schilling, M., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Petkov, V., Muller, L., Davison, A. P., Krishnamurthy, P., Kremkow, J., Lundqvist, M., Muller, E., Partzsch, J., Scholze, S., Zühl, L., Mayr, C., Destexhe, A., Diesmann, M., Potjans, T. C., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K. A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systemsBiological Cybernetics (2011) 104(4-5): 263-296
abstract, fulltext
Chicharro and Ledberg 2012Chicharro, D. and Ledberg, A.When two become one: the limits of causality analysis of brain dynamicsPLoS One (2012) 7(3):e32466
Deco et al. 2014Deco, G., Ponce-Alvarez, A., Hagmann, P., Romani, G.L., Mantini, D. and Corbetta, M.How local excitation-inhibition ratio impacts the whole brain dynamicsJ. Neurosci. (2014) 34: 7886-7898
abstract, (fulltext)
Devor et al. 2013Devor, A., Bandettini, P., Boas, D., Bower, J., Buxton, R., Cohen, L., Dale, A., Einevoll, G., Fox, P., Franceschini, M., Friston, K., Fujimoto, J., Geyer, M., Greenberg, J., Halgren, E., Hamalainen, M., Helmchen, F., Hyman, B., Jasanoff, A., Jernigan, T., Judd, L., Kim, S.-G., Kleinfeld, D., Kopell, N., Kutas, M., Kwong, K., Larkum, M., Lo, E., Magistretti, P., Mandeville, J., Masliah, E., Mitra, P., Mobley, W., Moskowitz, M., Nimmerjahn, A., Reynolds, J., Rosen, B., Salzberg, B., Schaffer, C., Silva, G., So, P., Spitzer, N., Tootell, R., Essen, D. V., Vanduffel, W., Vinogradov, S., Wald, L., Wang, L., Weber, B. and Yodh, A. The challenge of connecting the dots in the B.R.A.I.N.Neuron (2013) 80: 270-274
Einevoll et al. 2012Einevoll, G. T., Franke, F., Hagen, E., Pouzat, C. and Harris, K. D. Towards reliable spike-train recordings from thousands of neurons with multielectrodesCurrent Opinion in Neurobiology (2012) 22(1): 11-17
Estebanez et al. 2012Estebanez, L., Boustani, S. E., Destexhe, A. and Shulz, D. E. Correlated input reveals coexisting coding schemes in a sensory cortexNature Neuroscience (2012) 15: 1691-1699
abstract, (fulltext)
Faye et al. 2013Faye, G., Rankin, J. and Lloyd, D. J. B.Localized radial bumps of a neural field equation on the Euclidean plane and the Poincaré diskNonlinearity (2013) : 26
abstract, BibTeX
Huys et al. 2014Huys, R., Perdikis, D. and Jirsa, V.K.Functional architectures and structured flows on manifolds: a dynamical framework for motor behaviorPsychol Rev. (2014) 121(3):302-336
Kappel et al. 2013D. Kappel, B. Nessler, and W. MaassSTDP Installs in Winner-Take-All Circuits an Online Approximation to Hidden Markov Model LearningPLoS Comput Biol (2014) 10(3): e1003511


Estebanez et al. 2014Estebanez, L., Boustani, S. E. and Shulz, D. E. What the whiskers tell the tactile brainMed Sci (2014) 30: 93-98

Book chapter

Davison et al. 2014Davison, A.P., Mattioni, M., Samarkanov, D. and Telenczuk, B.Sumatra: A Toolkit for Reproducible ResearchIn: Implementing Reproducible Research (2014), edited by V. Stodden, F. Leisch and R.D. Peng, Chapman & Hall/CRC: Boca Raton, Florida., pp. 57-79 abstract
Shulz and Feldman in pressShulz, D.E. and Feldman, D. Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity in DevelopmentIn: Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Healthy and Diseased Brain, 1st Edition: Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience. (P. Rakic and J Rubenstein). (2013)
Print Book ISBN : 9780123972675, eBook ISBN : 9780123973467

Conference contribution: talk

Grytskyyet al 2013cGrytskyy, D. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Diesmann, M. ; Helias, M. Covariances in neural networks in linear approximation
Donders Discussion 2013, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 10/31/2013 - 11/01/2013
Shulz 2012cShulz, D. E.Distributed inputs to the barrel system coupled to multiple single unit recordings in the somatosensory cortexKeynote Speaker, 3rd Workshop GDR 2904, "Multi-electrode recordings and signal processing applied to the study of neuronal networks". Marseille, France (2012) Invited.

Conference contribution: poster

Bakkeret al 2012Bakker, R. ; Denker, M. ; Diesmann, M. ; Eppler, J. M. ; Grün, S. ; Grytskyy, D. ; Helias, M. ; Ito, J. ; Maximov, A. ; Schmidt, M. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Torre, E. ; van Albada, S. ; Wiebelt, B. ; Zehl, L.
Planned activities in Jülich
BrainScales Conference, Jülich, Germany, 03/19/2012
Grytskyyet al 2013bGrytskyy, D. ; Diesmann, M. ; Helias, M.
Connectivity reconstruction from complete or partially known covariances in the asynchronous irregular regime
Bernstein Conference 2013, BCCN 2013, Tuebingen, Germany, 09/25/2013 - 09/27/2013
Grytskyyet al 2013dGrytskyy, D. ; Diesmann, M. ; Helias, M.
Reconstruction of network connectivity in the irregular firing regime
10th Goettingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, NWG 2013, Goettingen, Germany, 03/13/2013 - 03/16/2013
Grytskyyet al. 2014Grytskyy, D. ; Diesmann, M. ; Helias, M. Activity propagation in plastic feed-forward networks of nonlinear neuronsBernstein Conference 2014, BCCN 2014, Goettingen, Germany, 09/03/2014 - 09/05/2014
Hageet al 2013Hagen, E. ; Stavrinou, M. ; Lindén, H. ; Dahmen, D. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; van Albada, S. ; Grün, S. ; Diesmann, M. ; Einevoll, G. T.
Hybrid scheme for modeling LFPs from spiking cortical network models
Proceedings of NeuroInformatics 2013
NeuroInformatics 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, 08/27/2013 - 08/29/2013
Morrison et al. 2011Morrison, A., Denker, M., Wiebelt, B., Fliegner, D. and Diesmann, M.New possibilities for advanced analysis methods in neuroscience through modern approaches to trivial parallel data processingPoster at the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2011: T27-11B abstract
Ness et al. 2012Ness, T.B., Hagen, E., Negwer, M., Bakker, R., Schubert, D. and Einevoll, G.T. Modeling extracellular spikes and local field potentials recorded in MEAs Proceedings of the 8th international meeting on Multielectrode Arrays, Reutlingen (2012)
Van Albadaet al 2013van Albada, S. ; Maximov, A. ; Schmidt, M. ; Bakker, R. ; Schrader, S. ; Lester, D. ; Diesmann, M.
Cortical multi-layer models for down-scaled implementation on neuromorphic hardware and full-scale implementation on supercomputers
3rd BrainScaleS plenary meeting, Marseille, France, 03/21/2013 - 03/22/2013


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