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Paper (reviewed)

Bedard et al. 2011Bédard, C., Béhuret, S., Deleuze, C., Bal, T. and Destexhe, A.Oversampling method to extract excitatory and inhibitory conductances from single-trial membrane potential recordingsJ Neurosci Meth (2012) 210 (1): 3 - 14
Behuret et al. 2013Behuret, S., Deleuze, C., Gomez, L., Fregnac, Y. and Bal, T. Cortically-Controlled Population Stochastic Facilitation as a Plausible Substrate for Guiding Sensory Transfer across the Thalamic GatewayPLoS Comput Biol (2013) 9(12): e1003401
Gomez-Gonzales et al 2014Gomez-Gonzales, J.F., Destexhe, A. and Bal, T.Application of active electrode compensation to perform continuous voltage-clamp recordings with sharp microelectrodesJ. Neural Engineering (2014) 11:056028


26 August 2016