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Auffarth et al. 2011Auffarth, B., Kaplan, B. and Lansner, A.Map formation in the olfactory bulb by axon guidance of olfactory neuronsFront Syst Neurosci (2011) 5:84
Buesing 2011Buesing, L., Bill, J., Nessler, B. and Maass, W.Neural Dynamics as Sampling: A Model for Stochastic Computation in Recurrent Networks of Spiking NeuronsPLoS Comput Biol (2011) 7(11): e1002211
Cessac and Cofre 2013Cessac, B. and Cofre, R.Spike train statistics and Gibbs distributionsJournal of Physiology-Paris (2013) 107(5): 360-368
Devor et al. 2013Devor, A., Bandettini, P., Boas, D., Bower, J., Buxton, R., Cohen, L., Dale, A., Einevoll, G., Fox, P., Franceschini, M., Friston, K., Fujimoto, J., Geyer, M., Greenberg, J., Halgren, E., Hamalainen, M., Helmchen, F., Hyman, B., Jasanoff, A., Jernigan, T., Judd, L., Kim, S.-G., Kleinfeld, D., Kopell, N., Kutas, M., Kwong, K., Larkum, M., Lo, E., Magistretti, P., Mandeville, J., Masliah, E., Mitra, P., Mobley, W., Moskowitz, M., Nimmerjahn, A., Reynolds, J., Rosen, B., Salzberg, B., Schaffer, C., Silva, G., So, P., Spitzer, N., Tootell, R., Essen, D. V., Vanduffel, W., Vinogradov, S., Wald, L., Wang, L., Weber, B. and Yodh, A. The challenge of connecting the dots in the B.R.A.I.N.Neuron (2013) 80: 270-274
Kappel et al 2014Kappel, D., Nessler, B. and Maass, W.STDP installs in winner-take-all circuits an online approximation to hidden Markov model learningPLOS Computational Biology (2014) 10(3):e1003511
abstract, fulltext
Kappel et al. 2013D. Kappel, B. Nessler, and W. MaassSTDP Installs in Winner-Take-All Circuits an Online Approximation to Hidden Markov Model LearningPLoS Comput Biol (2014) 10(3): e1003511
Mayrhofer et al. 2013Mayrhofer, J.M., Skreb, V., von der Behrens, W., Musall, S., Weber, B. and Haiss, F.Novel two-alternative forced choice paradigm for bilateral vibrotactile whisker frequency discrimination in head-fixed mice and rats AJP - JN Physiol (2013) 109(1): 273-284
abstract, (fulltext)
Nasser et al. 2012Nasser, H., Marre, O. and Cessac, B. Spatio-temporal spike trains analysis for large scale networks using maximum entropy principle and Monte-Carlo methodJournal of Statistical Mechanics (2013) : P03006
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Naude et al. 2013Naude, J., Cessac, B., Berry, H. and Delord, B. Effects of Cellular Homeostatic Intrinsic Plasticity on Dynamical and Computational Properties of Biological Recurrent Neural Networks The Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(38):15032-15043
Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2011Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B., Girau, B. and Torres-Huitzil, C. The role of the asymptotic dynamics in the design of FPGA-based hardware implementations of gIF-type neural networksJ. Physiol. Paris, (2011) 105:1-3
fulltext, BibTeX
Rostro-Gonzalez et al. 2012Rostro-Gonzalez, H., Cessac, B. and Viéville, T.Parameters estimation in spiking neural networks: a reverse-engineering approachJ. Neural. Eng. (2012) 9: 026024
abstract, fulltext, BibTeX
Scholze et al. 2011bScholze, S., Schiefer, S., Partzsch, J., Hartmann, S., Mayr, C., Höppner, S., Eisenreich, H., Henker, S., Vogginger, B. and Schüffny, R.VLSI implementation of a 2.8 Gevent/s packet based AER interface with routing and event sorting functionalityFrontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering (2011) 5:117
Yousaf et al. 2013M. Yousaf, B. Kriener, J. Wyller, G.T. EinevollGeneration and annihilation of localized persistent-activity states in a two-population neural-field modelNeural Networks (2013) 46}:75-90
Ziegler et al. 2015Ziegler, L., Zenke, F., Kastner, D.B. and Gerstner, W.Synaptic Consolidation: From Synapses to Behavioral ModelingThe Journal of Neuroscience (2015) 35(3): 1319-1334
abstract, fulltext

Book chapter

Cessac and Palacios 2012Cessac, B. and Palacios, A.Spike train statistics from empirical facts to theory: the case of the retinaModeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor, Springer-Verlag (2012) fulltext, BibTeX
Devor et al. 2012Devor, A., Boas, D.A., Einevoll, G.T., Buxton, R.B. and Dale, A.M. Neuronal Basis of Non-Invasive Functional Imaging: From Microscopic Neurovascular Dynamics to BOLD fMRIAdvances in Neurobiology (2012) 4: 433-500

Conference contribution: talk

Nowke et al. 2013Nowke, C., Schmidt, M., van Albada, S. J., Eppler, J. M., Bakker, R., Diesmann, M., Hentschel, B. and Kuhlen, T. VisNEST - Interactive Analysis of Neural Activity DataBioVis Symposium at the IEEE BioVis 2013, 13-18 Oct. 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Thanasoulis et al. 2014bThanasoulis, V., Partzsch, J., Vogginger, B. and Schüffny, R.Configurable Pulse Routing Architecture for Accelerated Multi-Node Neuromorphic SystemsICECS (2014): 738-741

Conference contribution: poster

Bakkeret al 2012Bakker, R. ; Denker, M. ; Diesmann, M. ; Eppler, J. M. ; Grün, S. ; Grytskyy, D. ; Helias, M. ; Ito, J. ; Maximov, A. ; Schmidt, M. ; Tetzlaff, T. ; Torre, E. ; van Albada, S. ; Wiebelt, B. ; Zehl, L.
Planned activities in Jülich
BrainScales Conference, Jülich, Germany, 03/19/2012
EpplerM et al. 2012Eppler, J. M. ; Wiebelt, B. ; Zaytsev, Y. ; Diesmann, M.
The NEST software development infrastructure
INM Retreat 2012, Jülich, Germany, 07/03/2012 - 07/04/2012
Habenschuss et al. 2012Habenschuss, S., Bill, J. and Nessler, B. Homeostatic plasticity in Bayesian spiking networks as Expectation Maximization with posterior constraintsin Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25 (2012): 782-790 abstract, fulltext
Heiberg et al 2013aT. Heiberg, B. Kriener, T. Tetzlaff, G. T. Einevoll, and H. E. PlesserFiring-rate models for neurons with a broad repertoire of spiking behaviors.BMC Neuroscience (2013) 14(Suppl 1):P317
Kriener et al 2013B. Kriener, H. Enger, T. Tetzlaff, H. E. Plesser, M.-O. Gewaltig, and G. T. Einevoll.Dynamics and lifetime of persistent activity states in random networks of spiking neurons with strong synapses.BMC Neuroscience (2013) 14(Suppl 1):P121 abstract
Krieneret al 2013Kriener, B. ; Helias, M. ; Rotter, S. ; Diesmann, M. ; Einevoll, G. T.
How pattern formation in ring networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons depends on the input current regime
Computational Neuroscience Conference, CNS*2013, Paris, France, 07/13/2013 - 07/18/2013
Nowke et al. 2013bNowke, C., Schmidt, M., van Albada, S., Eppler, J., Bakker, R., Diesmann, M., Hentschel, B. and Kuhlen, T. Interactive visualization of brain-scale spiking activityAnnual CNS Meeting 2013, BMC Neuroscience 2013, 14(Suppl 1):P110
Nowkeet al 2013Nowke, C. ; Hentschel, B. ; Kuhlen, T. ; Schmidt, M. ; van Albada, S. ; Eppler, J. M. ; Bakker, R. ; Diesmann, M.
Interactive visualization of brain-scale spiking activity
Twenty Second Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, CNS 2013, Paris, France, 07/13/2013 - 07/18/2013
Raikov et al. 2011Raikov, I., Cannon, R., Clewley, R., Cornelis, H., Davison, A., De Schutter, E., Djurfeldt, M., Gleeson, P., Gorchetchnikov, A., Plesser, H.E., Hill, S., Hines, M., Kriener, B., Le Franc, Y., Lo, C.-C., Morrison, A., Muller, E., Ray, S., Schwabe, L. and Szatmary, B. NineML: the network interchange for neuroscience modeling languageBMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P330

Web publication

Nowke et al. 2013cNowke, C., Schmidt, M., van Albada, S., Eppler, J., Bakker, R., Diesmann, M., Hentschel, B. and Kuhlen, T. VisNEST - Interactive analysis of neural activity dataVideo posted on vimeo: fulltext


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